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    I've noticed this in al anime

    I've noticed this in al anime because there are two groups of people in charge of both projects and they dont work together on the translation, plus, some things just dont sound right if they were dubbed in the same way the would be subtitled(according to Dubbers).
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    WOO!! NGE!

    i have all the dubs of EVA and i have shot my self in the foot on many accasions
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    WOO!! NGE!

    i saw it on cartoon network, and alls i goto say is, COMPLETE CRAP!!!!!! they edited the hell out of it. dont even bother watching it. i was very disapointed. your better off buying it like i did.
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    What's a good series from someone new to Anime?

    What's a good series from someone new to Anime? Watch all the studio Ghibli films, they are all incredable. in my book at least.
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    What's a good series from someone new to Anime?

    What's a good series from someone new to Anime? ummm, thats an ignorant statement. Are u to good to be able to watch something that has been mainstreamed? In the near future GT will be aired on cartoon network(they have allready bought the episodes), are u gonna hate that too then?
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    Swap Trick Movie

    right click and save location. dont try to stream it.
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    Macross Zero

    who's doing the fansubbing? and whats there website?
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    Swap Trick Movie

    omg, that was insane. thx yo, i'll prolly break the thing , if i try that though.
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    Anime intros with good songs that you like

    Stray's a phat song, i like that allot. sounds like an old 80's song made for a movie or somethin.
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    Anyone Seen Naruto?

    i got a subscription Viz kinda messed up the translation on naruto though.
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    dumb question bout burning

    is it euro version of snatcher?
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    Anyone Seen Naruto?

    Its about ninjas and the sort, more super natural, and the story flows really nice, not to mention the magnificent artwork. check out the site. i would try getting the series off of Kazaa before trying to find them on IRC, but after u get them...
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    Virtual On for Seganet?

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    Sega saturn memory problem

    joint = the game kind of like saying "the thing" or "jown"
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    its not like i did it one after another. ive tryed several Progs. and this isnt limited to just sega cd games, PcEngine Cd games allso. i buy like 100 cdr's for 5 bucks a pop at comp shows. so it really doesnt bother me anyway. i mean its not like i'm trying to waste em either though...