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    100 Sega Megadrive, Saturn, MegaCD and 32X games on Ebay

    I have about 100 Sega Megadrive, Saturn, MegaCD and 32X games for sale on Ebay -> Check it out if you’re intrested as I’m sure you’ll find some nice titles between them.
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    +100 Mastersystem and Megadrive games for sale

    I placed my complete Sega Mastersystem trading list and a few Megadrive games (one of the is Alien Soldier) on ebay. All are complete boxed with manual. If you're intrested check out the link. If you have any questions feel free to ask but use the ebay link to contact me...
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    Rarest Item and rarest original Sat Game you have.

    Hey AntiPasta I might not be a Dutch collector but a Belgian one but I've got the Saturn Netlink new/boxed :lol:
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    Post your Saturn shopping list...

    Since I started completing my PAL Saturn collection I'm intrestedfor every PAL title which isn't under the Saturn PAL section of my website :)
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    What do you think about my site

    Snume, I do not even want to think in how much I already invested in the collection, but I guess I can indeed buy a car for it. But since I already had one (a car that is), I decided to spend the money on games ;)
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    The Backup Ram Cart

    If I'm correct you can't complete Shining Force CD without a memorycard because it takes more memory than the SegaCD has to the end of the game.
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    Where does the second metal bracket go?

    Is it the one you have to place at the connection between the Genesis and SegaCD ?
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    Selling Dragon Force, european version

    ok I understand, it's after all my own stupid fault :damn: ....oh I'll find another one. Sorry again for the late reply.
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    Wanted : Samurai Showdown on PAL MegaCD

    Hey guy, is someone willing to sell me his European PAL MegaCD Samurai Showdown as it is one of the last titles I need to complete my PAL MegaCD collection.
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    32X Cover

    Are you sure about that PAL T-Mek as I never have seen it.
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    Lawnmower man (E)

    I bought me one from the same seller but I didn't opened it. Just put it on the shelf with the others :lol:
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    Selling Dragon Force, european version

    Hey madmalkav ...I just pm'ed you about it. I'm still intrested so I hope I'm not to late. :unsure:
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    Selling Dragon Force, european version

    Hey, I'm intrested in it and I'm able to pay you via Paypal. Any idea what the shipping will be for Belgium ?
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    Rare Sega Cd Games *SNATCHER*

    I might be intrested in Lunar Eternal Blue but for let's say $35 including the shipping to Belgium ? Can you agree with that ?
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    Just found out how great Xbox modding is.

    At my place it's the other way around. It's my PS2 that's collecting dust and my Xbox, Gamecube and Sega Consoles that are most active. Maybe I can trade my ps2 for your xbox (I'm thinking also about modding one) so both get a more active life ;)