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    I want an 18' tall robot that shoots nails from...

    I want an 18' tall robot that shoots nails from... Wow! :drool: This really is neat! Hes actaully making one... never toguth someone would. I wish I had one. Il guess I have to build one myself! How about a Veritech..
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    List of your favorite quotes

    Yep, I read through them all! The ones from PS2 are wonderful. Especially "I wonder what the people will see in the final days..." I usually use that one as a signature on boards and such. Btw, just heard this one : "Were we defeated by our memories...?" From the Final Fantasy : Advent...
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    List of your favorite quotes

    Hey, RolfWrenWalsh, I agree with you. Gundam SEED is great. And those quotes are as well. To me, they are the only ones here (together with the Phantasy Star 2 ones) which really are deep. No, thats hollywood movies. I have noticed that I cannot watch standard hollywood-movies anymore. The...
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    Dreamcast multplayer fps games

    Seems I found another one. I am not certain though. Its called Treasure Strike. Judging from the screenshots, it looks a bit like Fur Fighters. Anyone who knows some more about it. Here is some screens :
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    Dreamcast-Scene updated

    Dreamcast-Scene has been updated with a totally new design and a WIKI-based system. Check it out at :
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    And Now For Something Completly Different

    Woohoo! I just read that book in English class. I should've left this review instead. My teacher would've gone insane but anyways...
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    Time to judge the Wallpapers for the contest!

    To see the wallpapers, just click on the creators names on the poll.
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    Sega Reprises Old Roles

    Yeah, that is another way to see it... Well, I wont say no, but id rather see that, as mentioned before, studios like Capcom and Treasure take care of this.
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    Post your Wallpaper No. 2!

    Here's my BKG. A familiar face right? You have to agree she is quite cute... And I really love this game. Easily one of the best rpgs ever!
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    New board eh?

    Nice board! But it will probably take some time getting used to it :)
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    Sega Reprises Old Roles

    I agree as well. I mean, c'mon who would want to se a "westernized" version of Nights? Poor Yuji Nakas masterpiece will probably be destroyed... House of the dead could probably get done ok, as could Virtua Cop (considered decent developers get to work on them) but the others... no, I doubt...
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    Upping the Vram

    Btw, wasnt some kind of addition for DC in planning? Perhaps it was only rumors...
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    Upping the Vram

    Still, If some kind of addition pack would be done, they could be sold. The DC got an expansion port right? Still, it would require someone to create a game using it. Nah, the hardware is good enough. Its probably better to create a better Dev-Tool if you want to see better looking games...
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    New DC Shooter!

    Wonderful! Now Sega has done their part, now its our part, get the game! Ill preorder it asap...
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    FLOUPIX ! The funniest homebrew Saturn game !

    This is wonderful! Its the best Saturn-homebrew release ever! Really nice work guys!