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    I wanted to donate manuals to the site but...

    (and yes, I tried emailing) Problem is that I see you guys only accept PDF format, but my scanner only does JPGS. Would you rather me just send the lot of manuals to an address here at Segaxtreme for resizing and stuff, or just try to find a JPG to PDF converter, if there is a such thing. Thanks
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    looking for 3do games

    Ok, I actually got a few of those (of the list) last night, but I still need a few more (tell me if you find anymore on your list) Above all, I cant find the following anywhere online and speciality stores: Wolfenstein 3d Doom Way of the Warrior Braindead 13 The important thing is that to...
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    looking for 3do games

    looking for: sewer shark super street fighter 2 turbo doom wolfenstein braindead 13 road rash way of the warrior alone in the dark II night trap corpse killer samurai showdown Bust A Move Cannon Fodder Demoiltion Man Dragons Lair Gex Lemmings PO'ed Primal Rage Return Fire...
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    is it possible...

    not to be a wiseass or nothing, but if my idea to recreate Splatterhouse is legally wrong, what would you call the whole SOR4 project in the topic above this? Considering the fact that Namco has not used the Splatterhouse name in over 10 years, yet Sega still holds the rights to Streets of...
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    is it possible...

    I know that this may be teering on the legal level at this site, but is it possible, with help of a group of excellent, intelligent programmers, to create a Genesis specific version of the classic Splatterhouse? If you are unfamilar with the history, Splatterhouse defined survival horror before...
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    I wanted to order a few things from these guys and my question is that are they trustworthy? Are these items in good condition? thanks
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    Online Daytona USA?

    any pics or even better a cover scan? Thanks
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    Online Daytona USA?

    Which is the online Daytona USA? I have Daytona USA (The original) but I seen another on ebay called Circuit Championship Edition. Is this it? Or is there a third edition. Maybe a pic of the game/cover can help thanks!
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    Truth or fiction?

    the only way I think that Sega may become a console maker again is by cracking the niche market al la Neo Geo, instead of going mainstream.
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    looking for a DC BBA

    since Gamestop cant find their stocks of the Broadband Adapter, I am asking is anyone willing to sell an extra BBA for a reasonable price? IE: no BBA for 150 bucks? Thanks
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    which games use Broadband?

    can you ask him, what drivers and such do I need? Thanks
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    which games use Broadband?

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    Is the Sega Megadrive Tetris Japanese legal?

    I read a few videogames history books, (like Kent's Ulimate History of Video Games) and read that Sega was issued illegal rights for Tetris on be made on the Arcade coin-op. Now, if the Sega Megadrive game is based on the coin-op, does this mean its not legal like the NES Tengen Tetris? Thanks
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    Time Killers help

    1. Does anyone have Game Genie codes for this game? 2. I have a Genesis 1, Nomad and CDX and for some reason, this game isnt compatible with the CDX, yet works on everything else. Any reason?
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    Another PS1 MD question

    Since according to the other post, PS1 MD is Phantasy Star for the Master System with a converter, how does Game Genie and Action Replay work for it? Thanks