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    How to mod a 21 pin Saturn

    First off, I want to thank everyone in this community who have done a great job of keeping this underrated console alive. I also want to thank the people who've offered help on installing modchips. I just modded my friend's Saturn successfully. Well, atleast that's what I thought at the time...
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    Sega cuts of DC Online Services this week

    I'm gonna miss playing Bomberman.
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    Panzer Dragoon Saga

    Hi. I'm replaying Panzer Dragoon Saga, for nostalgic kicks, and near completion I am stuck in a situation. I need to buy the Assasin gun part, but I am a little short on cash. (it's 20,000, I only have about 5000) To the people know the game well, do you guys remember any specific locations...
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    Games u've been ripped off by...

    Final Fantasy 8.. I paid 50 for this game. It had high expectations, and it turned out to be real boring. Plus the fact that it came out a day before DC made it even less appealing :) Soul Calibur.. This was the first game I got on the DC launch..I had it preordered along with Sonic...
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    Where'd it go?

    That FF8 clip is just one of the test movies from when PS2 was in development, to see how movies would look on the PS2. It's not from a remake, and no work on the supposed remakes haven't even started yet.
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    Shenmue 2 and PSO Xbox exclusives.

    Well, I have no plans of buying an X-Box, really. Shenmue 2 is coming out in Europe for DC..I will definitely import that (I got a modded system..) I just have to find a quick solution to viewing PAL games and I'll be playing that masterpiece on the system it was meant for :)
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    Gameboy Advance DVD Video

    yeah..that's why silent hill play novel is the only game with FMV. It's all text and then a few movies.
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    As seen on TV, Film and Theater

    Chasing Amy..they own a Sega Genesis American Pie 2..I am guessing that Stifler's brother's bike's basket had the SEGA logo on it. I only saw it for a split second. I could be way wrong. The Simpsons episode where Bart is deciding whether to shoplift the fighting game, and all these mascots...
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    Dreamcast Soundtracks?

    Is this what you're talking about?
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    DC accessories

    Get 3 & 4 if you please, but A 3-in-1 connection seems a lot more useful than a VGA box. ^_^