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    All Dreamcast Capcom games $19.95 from Capcom (nt)

    All Dreamcast Capcom games $19.95 from CAPCOM. Like I said. :)
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    All Dreamcast Capcom games $19.95 from Capcom (nt)

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    People Who play Capcom VS. SNK ?

    I play. My fighting team is EX Yuri, EX Sakura, Cammy, and Blanka.
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    Games u've been ripped off by...

    I think Resident Evil is a game for non-gamers. Its features are gore, simplistic puzzles and cheap thrills. In that respect, I felt ripped off. I hate Tomb Raider even more, because so many people tout it as some kind of groundbreaking game. The only ground it broke was putting triangle tits...
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    DC accessories

    So which VGA boxes have passthrough and the most connection features? I'd like to be able to still use my PC with the monitor, and when I turn on the DC, switch to its signal automatically.
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    Games u've been ripped off by...

    My two biggest ripoffs were Tomb Raider and Resident Evil. I bought these purely on hype and friend's recommendations. They're not even games! They play on game machines, but they lack even the basic characteristics of a game. (Fun, player-friendly controls) I think Chrono Cross was a marginal...
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    Bad News...

    I'm still disappointed. It's not entirely Sega's fault, but call me what you will, I believed them. I believed they were smart enough to keep their loyal fans happy, and instead they were smart enough to make the good short-run business decision. Either way, it makes business sense; one just...
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    So few US games left.

    Shenmue II for US Dc has been scrapped. This blows
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    mod chip for saturn (old)

    How desperate are you? I have a 20 pin mod. I'll let it go for a hundred dollars US.
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    Hey, fuck you Herr. I admitted I was wrong and apologized for it.
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    You're right 'kuma. I apologize for jumping the gun. CDI is a format though that is widely used for dreamcast piracy.
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    Maybe you should stop pirating dreamcast games, since you're too stupid to figure out how to burn/convert them.
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    drag it into the recycle bin and then right click the bin and choose "empty"
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    What the hell is Shenmue saturn?

    someone get a hold of that beta.... AND RELEASE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I'm with Arakon, except since I have NTSC and potential VGA boxes for the units are coming (or are here), I'm not really concerned about the video. So I can make a choice based on the fact that all systems are compatable with my equipment. The choice? Still up in the air. I've got a feeling...