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    Where are the dev/translations, etc old sections ?

    Hi folks, It's a long time since I've been here, and I found out that only the forum is left, the old sections are gone. They were useful, especially the translations and Saturn dev ones, because they're quite unique. Have they gone somewhere else ? Thanks Djidjo
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    new ssmtf release

    Hey Rockin'B, I'm not 100% sure but I know vreuzon a bit. Here the contest rule he surely don't agree with : He did not make the game for the contest, to win Saturn stuff or something. He made it for fun, and that's fuzzin' kewl ! :thumbs-up:
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    new ssmtf release

    But the caterpillar tracks are visually impressive :congrats:! Don't be so modest, vreuzon :rolleyes:
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    Who tried the Game Basic ?

    I think nobody cares abiut game basic. that's a pity. :unsure: :angry: :/
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    Saturn Dev section update "finished"

    Hi vbt, could you add the sources of floupix + the NTSC Iso in the Saturn Dev section ? And maybe a link to the page : where there's an explanation about the NTSC Iso and the game rules. And what about a link to the homepage of each developper ? That...
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    This place is dead!

    Well, I think that gamers who still use a Saturn play alone, or just with a friend. RPG and/or VS fighting are the games that keep gamers on the Saturn. So they don't care about party games like Floupix or 12-player snake. Floupix is for me at least as fun as Deathtank but suppose somebody...
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    C4 - 2005 & 2006 discussion

    C4 - 2005 & 2006 discussion I just checked the contest page. There are only two entries. Does this mean that no one wants to code for the contest anymore ?
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    What do i need to hack Phantasy star collection

    Hey jedahsavior, does that mean you replace the text, burnt it and played Phantasy Star 2 and 3 in English on a REAL Saturn ? That would be GREAT ! Please tell us ! Djidjo
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    Value differences

    well they just seem to be the same cover, but on the left there's the spincard on it. A game with the spinecard has more value than without.
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    legally releasing commercial games

    Yeah, Rockin-B, if you really want to buy a game, go to the link in my signature to floupix, download it, and give money to my PayPal account (email :, I swear I'll give the money to Vreuzon. Floupix features incredible fun from 2 to 12 players, you can even play alone with...
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    Quality of this Princess Crown translation

    Hey, this is a great idea you've got here ! Replace the japanese game text with english ! Nobody ever thought about that for any jap game. Thanks for showing us the way. :rolleyes:
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    Do you know a big game error? post it here

    Of course, there's that well-known bug : Shinobi-X (PAL) will freeze when you push start if you have a second pad plugged in the Saturn. Skeleton Warriors (PAL) will freeze on my Saturn when loading that motorbike level, but not on other Saturns :/ But I wrote this post for this funny error ...
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    Well they seem to be quite accurate (more than gamefaqs, for sure), I use them every day :) They're not complete though, you'd better "cross-check" with Djidjo
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    I make a Saturn Region Converter & Cuemaker

    I make a Saturn Region Converter & Cuemaker link is dead :(
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    Quality of this Princess Crown translation English is not my mother language but it seems to me that this translation is poor English... (though it's complete !) Am I right or do they use some old English I don't understand - this would mean it's a High Quality translation - ...