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    Shuboy a gameboy emu for 32x

    Nice, have to try this out when i get my hands on the megadrive card from neoflash :D
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    Translation of Tengai Makyou for Saturn underway

    Coool, One of the games i always wanted to play on Saturn :D Love to, but i can't read/write japanese and i don't even understand how all this hex/etc..; works (can't even program basic stuff :/ )
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    [Unreleased] Rock'n Roll Racing

    It's a pitty those games never got released :/
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    [Unreleased] Virtual Reality on Saturn

    Would be a nice collectors item if it excisted for saturn (and you get free headaches with it :D
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    [Unreleased] Resident Evil 2 screenshots

    Hmmz RE2 on Saturn, would be awesome :D
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    [Unreleased] Super301 SQ

    Nice, still games to collect :D
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    Do you visit the #SegaXtreme IRC channel on EFNet?

    I sleep 24/7 near my pc logged in on #segaxtreme :) :smash :cheers :huh :ph34r: :thumbs-up: :argue
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    ConvSCD 1.05 has arrived

    does this version support BIN/CUE ??? or do i still have to convert the bin.cue to iso/wav with winiso and then make a cuesheet with segacuemaker ??? Would be nice if it supported BIN/CUE. Also is there a way rip a mega/segacd straight to 1 big *.iso and then convert it ??? Or has it always...
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    i got Colour 60hz using RF

    I'm Back!!! 1. Megadrive II has no Build in RGB (you need to do the add RGB mod to the megadrive II) Megadrive I has RGB onboard, so a RGB cable gives you color in 60Hz on a MD I on MD II a RGB cable want do the job alone. 2. If you connect your 32X to your MD II and put on rgb cable from 32x...
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    what anime are you watching at the moment?

    Watching: Naruto (English subs) Final Fantasy Unlimmited (Enlish Subs) Love Hina (English Subs) DjoeN
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    Backup/Modchip problems

    Yeah, Back to the problem, First off All i didn't read a posting about using GOOD cd-r media, the saturn is a bit picky on the cd-r media you use, if i use some cheap brands my games got fucked up if i burn the same game on verbatims or Emtec (Basf) or Maxell i don't have any problems, all...
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    How long did it take you to learn the swap trick??

    Latest Model 2 saturns are a pain in the ass to swap, the're very picky on the time and the media you use, also on latest model 2 saturns it's best to get a modchip and install it, save's u hours of wasted time Also u have to have some original games to wap on model 2, cause 1 time you can...
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    My 50/60Hz Guide for Model 2 PAL Saturn

    Just changed the Webpage so be sure to check out this page DjoeN
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    How To Fix Your AR4in1 To Work With Vampire Savior

    Just Check Out The New Page All Modding Included for most Sega Systems
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    How To Add A Country AND a 50/60Hz Switch

    Just Check The New URL