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    Best Games for GB systems

    the capcom zelda games feel more of like continuation of the same game (the way mask felt like continuation from ocrina), which is a good thing, of course:)
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    VERY strange nintendo like controler

    hey fabrizo, i got 404 for all the links :(
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    Seanbaby - this is seriously funny stuff...

    hehe we all love seanbaby :) i wish he would ever update his NES section, tho :(
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    SegaCD Emulation...

    and we all love to hate 007Cheater >:)
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    VGA Question...

    Treamcast supports s-video output
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    Jet Grind Radio...

    YES!! agree i always run out of time on the LAST or second to last tag!!! the time limit takes away a LOT from the game.
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    worst mario games ever! - are here

    you mean for the insiders ign
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    Nester Help...

    also, the official nesterdc site should have the plain files, in case you want to do everything on your own :)
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    how to become an admin or Moderator - how to become an admin

    buy me one and i'll be your slave penguin forever
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    Best Games for GB systems

    wheee!! mario2 = ^_^ i never liked the wario games, except for the very first one (mario3) pokemon blue (the one i owned) original black/white tetris and mario dx.
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    Virtual Boy - What are the must-have games?

    yea you got ripped big time but at least you;re happy and that's all that matters, really.
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    Tetris TENGEN for trade - TENGEN tetris to trade for dream c

    yup! it had all the cool music from the arcade tetris!! poor atari bought the rights to tetris from people who didnt own the rights. hee hee hee...anyway yea tengen tetris = $$$. it was one of the few games i actually bothered playing off of one of them nintendo multi-carts.
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    KOF 2001

    kof01 for pc???? when is it coming out? me want details ^_^ is it the arcade version? or modified version like kof99evo? kof99evo for pc used really shaky 3d engine altho the 3-d backgrounds looked nice.
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    Best Sega System?

    w00t!! go genny, go dc!! altho genesis emu is still shaky and snes emu is barely playable on dc, nester does wonders and that's all that matters ^_^
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    Sonic games exclusive to PC???

    well, least it's not one of those 100000000 knp games out there