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    Sega Genesis, Saturn, Dreamcast and Nintendo Goodies

    It's been a medical bill kind of year so I've decided to part with some of my treasures. I hope to find them all a great home! I accept Payment via PayPal and only ship to confirmed shipping addresses. If you are uncomfortable with a direct sale, I'd be happy to setup an eBay auction for any of...
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    Interesting Skeleton Warriors Programming Notes

    I initially posted this in the SegaXtreme IRC channel and on Assembler: I was browsing around for some new Saturn Development stuff (as things tend to pop up randomly) and I found this page: It contains notes from...
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    Sega Saturn Tech. Demo: Astrocade

    Source: While I was browsing around for new Saturn tools and documents, I happened upon a gentleman's resume who had worked for Sega during the time of the Saturn release (you can find the resume here). The resume mentioned a technical...
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    SEGASaturno Releases 3 Saturn Games

    This weekend, SEGASaturno released 3 Saturn games: Chill (Unreleased) Werewolf (Unreleased) Virtua Cop 2 (Alpha Build) The public release was made possible by a handful of donators meeting the required amount. "Our friend Segafreak_NL is the one who has brought us these prototypes in...
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    Want To Buy: PSX Stealth Modchip

    PM Sent ^_^
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    PC-Engine/TurboGrafx-16, fun.

    If you love Castlevania don't forget the original Dracula X, fantastic game for its time!
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    32X development docs

    It certainly wouldn't be to compete with Sprite's Mind, just a collection of tools and links locally here (with a link to Kaneda's site of course) to compliment it. Since Sega isn't exactly busting at the seams with new and exciting news/stuff for many of us retro gamers, I think it would be...
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    32X development docs

    I think you should start a Genesis / CD / 32X Dev section. I would be happy to help contribute info / links.
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    Aqua Teen Hunger Force Loves Sega

    I'm a huge ATHF fan ^_^, movie is well worth it btw m8, I wasn't dissapointed.
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    Saturn Coding Contest 2007: looking for prizes

    Hopefully both, at the least I might have some prizes to donate in the case I get quite busy in life again, I'll PM you later m8. ^_^
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    [Unreleased] Crime Patrol

    It was indeed a SegaCD game. Another shooter on rails with crappy video inserted here and there.
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    Saturn Coding Contest 2007: looking for prizes

    Great news! I'm in this year.
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    [Unreleased] Neptune

    I've got a couple Video Game history books that talk about this. Reading through Phoenix: Rise and Fall of Video Games again now, and they talk about all the software companies jumping ship on the 32X with the Saturn and PSX on the horizon. And as you know, if you don't have the software the...
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    WTB 32X Spacer

    I have a boxed 32X complete with install instructions, AC adapter, promo stuff, and the pack-in game and manual (Virtua Fighter). Everything (less the A/V Link Cable that goes from the 32X to the Genesis) is here including the spacer and the metal brackets. Box is in good shape, the Virtua...