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    Bad color in 3D textures.

    I'm attempting to repair a Saturn that shows green colors on certain 3D textures. For example the bottom of the spaceship in the CD menu shows the wrong green color instead of gray. Caps have already been replaced. I've also reflowed the RAM chips, would anyone have an idea of what to try next?
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    Using Action Replay Codes with Satiator Games

    Same, I prefer the new album and folder update and is what I'm defaulting to. I load up FLK when I need to use its save data manager, but unfortunately this latest firmware update broke it. Ced hasn't given us the ability to import/export individual saves but you could do so with FLK. I also...
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    Using Action Replay Codes with Satiator Games

    I've had a Fenrir since early on and it's always been Power on > AR Menu > Fenrir Menu + Press C when selecting a game > AR Menu. Looking at the release history the cart option was added in the May 2020 update. The version of AR I'm using is 2.02C, the only annoyance is that you always have to...
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    Action Replay 4M Plus Dual Boot Mod

    It doesn't affect RAM or anything else at all.
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    Using Action Replay Codes with Satiator Games

    The Fenrir does not require you to reset the console after selecting a game to use cheats. You press the C button when selecting a game to boot back to AR. The boot order goes AR Menu: Select start with no cheats > Fenrir Menu: Load a game with C button > AR Menu: Select cheats . It's an...
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    Complete list of Saturn games where you don't save between disc swaps so the only way to continue is to swap the disc.

    The Fenrir compatibility list was never completed with games being tested up to the mid S titles. Were games past the letter S ever tested?
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    Action Replay Flashing Codes

    CafeAlpha's Pseudo Saturn Kai flasher has several firmware, one being Action Replay Plus v2.02C with expanded codes (150 games/610 codes). The Pseudo Saturn Kai firmware also has a collection of cheats (417 games/2053 codes), including some which aren't posted on websites. No one has really...
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    Action Replay 4M Plus Dual Boot Mod

    Just wanted to add with this mod it's possible to enable direct save support on the second bank by flashing a Memory Card Plus firmware to it. Since I rarely use codes I just leave it on bank 2 and am able to both save to cart and use RAM games with no issues. Pairs great with a Fenrir.