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    Sport Fishing 2 - a oddity, STV game that came with a cdrom addon and was never ported to Saturn and is not emulated

    The 1st Sport fishing is even more of an oddity with its laserdisc. Being released in july 1994, it appears to be the 1st game using the ST-V hardware.
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    VDP1 manual errata

    VDP1 and VDP2 manuals with fixes : Sega Saturn Technicals Docs Fixed
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    Sonic Jam 3D model extracted from arcade game Spikeout

    Looks like the fmv and title screen model of Sonic jam, but not the Sonic world's one.
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    Pseudo Saturn Kai official thread

    Yes, same kind of issue in Mechwarrior 2 and Space Hulk : the missing graphics are drawn with line commands with transparent pixel enabled. Interestingly, in Space Hulk, the map doesn't appear during the first briefing, but then in game it appears correctly, and if you exit the mission and go...
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    Pseudo Saturn Kai official thread

    Interesting about Mechwarrior 2 and Space Hulk glitches with Pseudo Saturn Kai, I didn't know. I'm off for 3 days, so can't check right now, but iirc the redump US version of Croc is the fixed one. I compared its settings for the polygon commands and it was the same as those made by my US CD...
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    Pseudo Saturn Kai official thread

    Do you have examples of Pseudo Saturn Kai cartridges that run Slam 'n jam 96 without that glitch ? Otherwise I wouldn't rule out an issue with the Pseudo Saturn Kai menu. The Slam 'n jam 96 glitch is that VDP1 is in a state where it doesn't render untextured polygons with transparent pixel...
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    Saturn CD Block ROM dumped again.

    CDB105 and CDB106 are the markings on SH1 when it's separated from OCU (marked YGR019A or YGR019B), as the service manual labels this component. OCU is an external bus controller for the SH1, it plays a bit the same role as does SCU (minus the DSP) for the SH2s. As @Waterfuell said on Discord...
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    [Saturn] Tamagotchi Park - save game restore/dump?

    The game doesn't seem to make any difference between the original pink backup cartridge, and an ordinary official backup cartridge loaded with the save...
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    Hidden Palace releases 84 prototypes for Sega Saturn!

    Doom is "interesting" : it's the US version with the increased movement speed of the PAL version. Still sucks anyway due to equally awful framerate.
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    Translating Capcom's already translated titles?

    Vampire Savior has a hidden english language option. Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire Cheats, Codes, and Secrets for Saturn - GameFAQs
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    [Saturn] Tamagotchi Park - save game restore/dump?

    I've just tried the last save game manager on @cafe-alpha 's website (pskai_release_20210315.7z), and after importing the included TAMAGOTCHI_.BUP file on an official backup cart, the game does allow to save and load.
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    [Saturn] Tamagotchi Park - save game restore/dump?

    How did you put it on the cart ?
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    [Saturn] Tamagotchi Park - save game restore/dump?

    So here's a virgin Tamagotchi Park save file extracted in the .BUP format by using @slinga 's Save-Game-Copier and a Satiator. I checked that copying it to another backup cartridge (not a Tamagotchi branded one) allows the game to save and load.
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    Retail Game Research

    The distortion effect over the water part doesn't seem to rotate with the texture, nor change on a screen line, so I don't think the coefficient table requires a bank because It only needs to be read once per screen line. In that case, it can be set anywhere in VDP2 VRAM. So RBG0 minimum...