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    Should I buy an ATOMISWAVE or Neo-Geo AES?

    I guess I have no comment then, lol, go for the cheap stuff. I own a Pranslation and a Phantom-1 and they are a joke!
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    Frog Feast Released!

    Wow cool! Keep up the good work man, that's neat to see someone making some homebrew games on older consoles. :)
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    :( aww how sad. They both were stellar PC titles.
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    Should I buy an ATOMISWAVE or Neo-Geo AES?

    I have played Samurai Spirits on Atomiswave, No Blood or Fatalities = YUCK! , no thanks. Metal Slug 6 with NO BLOOD = Meh! NeoGeo Battle Colliseum = so, so... but its coming out on XBOX and PS2 so again, Meh! Atomiswave = BIG LET DOWN. Not true SNK machine, and not true SNK company games...
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    I guess Im the ONLY 1 that liked SHOGO, or perhaps I am the only 1 who has bought F.E.A.R.?
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    Heretic, Hexen.

    That would be Jheretic and Jdoom. :) :cheers
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    Just get the LaserActive and a PC Engine PAC (japanese one) and an Arcade Card. Do not mess with getting any DUO units Japanese or USA, they all have poor craftmanshp and break fast and have difficulty loading things. For example I have bought 3 Brand NEW USA DUOs from NEC and all of them...
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    best pc engine system i can buy?

    I have owned all versions of the Duo system (japanese and American) and I can say from experience all of them SUCK equally! Just plain badly made, and they seem to (fart) from time to time, meaning youll be loading a CD game (and loading and loading and loading and wait a minute its stuck!) LOL...
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    NeoGeo CD/CDZ protection

    no problem. You should have it now.
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    Neo Geo Conversion Project

    aww, me too! :( Cdoty! where are you nowdays!
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    Newly Updated NGCD Cracking tutorial/kit

    If ya read it, you would know exactly what needs to be cracked. To all of you who PMed me, you should have the tutorial now. Enjoy!!
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    Should I buy an ATOMISWAVE or Neo-Geo AES?

    Get the AES versions! Atomiswave and MVS = Meh! lol, seriously if ya got the cash get AES all the way! If you dont then get a Supergun and a 1 Slot MVS console, or even buy an MVS Arcade Cabinet. But forget about Atomiswave, it has no great games and probably never will. It is already...
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    Heretic, Hexen.

    I still play Heretic and Hexen on my PC today! Although I use a program to make its graphics look like nowdays graphics. ;)
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    I beat F.E.A.R. the other day, and before I beat it I found a hidden little room that was playing a radio station. I sat there and listened to it for awhile and was ready to leave that room, but I had to smoke real fast so I let the game just sit there for awhile, I came back in the room to hear...
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    3DO Commander v0.96

    me either :(