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    Happy Birthday!

    I'm...can't read or write. :cries:
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    Happy Birthday!

    Has it been thre years since my last post? Yup. Well, a belated thanks to you!
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    Any seniors in high school here?

    I didn't apply to any UC's. So, I didn't have to write any essays. Not like my GPA or SAT's scores were high enough for a UC anyway. Not like I took any SAT II's (other than Chem, which I did horrible on). Not like I even have the work ethic of a UC student. All the state schools in...
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    *Spoilers* I think the greatest flaw with the series was when Vash killed that one guy. He was so against the killing of anyone, that I thought Vash would go insane if he were forced to do so. But no, he's sad for like 5 min and then he's back to his old happy-go-lucky self.
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    Lupin The Third

    You know, the original Japanese language could be considered the Japanese "Dub".
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    Post your anime collection

    R1 DVD: Akira Special Edition Cowboy Bebop Hellsing Disc 1 Metropolis Neon Genesis Evangelion NGE Death and Rebirth Please Save My Earth: 5 The Wrath of the Ninja: The Yotoden Movie R3 DVD: Serial Experiments Lain HK DVD: Berserk Gasaraki Gundam Wing Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz I...
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    The never ending What did you have for lunch post!

    11/23 Extra Cheese and Mushroom Pizza Diet Pepsi
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    dreamcast can't read cd-r

    dreamcast can't read cd-r As long as it's just regular, plain old rubbing alcohol (you know, the over the counter stuff you can buy at a drug store), it will be fine. I remeber the PSX laser thing. I did that for FMV playback with my "backups". The thing is though, the DC is a lot more...
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    dreamcast can't read cd-r

    dreamcast can't read cd-r Well, my only real suggestion is to clean the CD lens with one of the kits or to use some rubbing alcohol and a Q-Tip. Changing the lens power won't really do you any good, and will probably make it worse off than it already is.
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    1)No, but close 2)I stabbed it in the head. It bled to death.
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    I have DVD 1 of the official R1 set. It contains 3 episodes. DVD 2 is already out. It also has 3 episodes. We don't have over episode six. And if you're resourceful, you can find all thirteen episodes. It's a half season show that aired from 10-11-2001 to 1-16-02 in Japan. It's not an OVA.
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    That's one of the pirate DVD set's of Hellsing. 13 episodes on 2 DVD's. The real DVD's are on 4 or 5 DVD's, depending on the region.
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    Not videogame related but jesus...

    Well, that's the mass media for you. Gangs are so 1990's, snipers are the killers of the future.
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    It's funny because it's true. It's also very sad at the same time.
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    just in case some one here is a die hard fan

    I know he's mc pee pants in the show, but this is mc chris's official website.