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    Time has come...lots must go

    Lowered a lot of prices. Bump
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    Time has come...lots must go

    Nope, but other things have a higher priority at the moment. They're just not as important as they used to be and I have needs for other things right now.
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    Time has come...lots must go

    Updated what's been sold. Ammut, nope it's just the bare system. I really don't know how much shipping would be (haven't shipped anything to canada recently). In the US it would be somewhere around $7.00 - $10.00. Super, let me know.
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    Time has come...lots must go

    No trades, sorry. Ok Super, let me know. And I respond to e mail more than PM's as I check it more frequently.
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    Time has come...lots must go

    Well, a time has come where games just aren't really important anymore. I could use the money and they're just taking up space, so I'm offering them here. Prices do not include shipping. Contact me for shipping quotes. Prices are based on their current market value and what I payed for them. If...
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    I read one or two of the books and even played a few sessions of pnp shadowrun when I was into cyberpunk. Good stuff!
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    Very cool and unique rpg. I loved every bit of it. Hard as nails at times but very fun throughout! Now where's our sequel? edit: Oh and by the way, you didn't mention if this was for the Genesis or Sega CD version...I'll assume the genesis since the Sega CD version is pretty much a text...
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    Warning to all Optimum Online Users....

    Hmm, well I thought they did give us an e mail warning about it. A friend of mine got capped and from what I hear they were cool over the phone and uncapped him...They run a pretty damn good service compared to most and I guess they want to crack down on people who take 'advantage' of it. Better...
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    what would unreleased game BETAS sell for?

    No you're not *supposed* to
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    The Value of 1st Person Shooters

    I'd be interested in seeing a study on people who play manic shmups
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    what would unreleased game BETAS sell for?

    Maybe if it was the EQ beta and if it were 10 years from now...but I kinda doubt any mmog betas will be worth much. I have the fighting legends beta also...I didn't like the game too much Beta's usually are worth something only when they are still in beta and it is a highly demanded game. Some...
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    Poll: Hey, whats your favorite PC game.

    System Shock 2 Fallout 1 and 2 Deus Ex Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind Unreal Tournament
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    what anime are you watching at the moment?

    RahXephon. Pretty confusing, but very deep. You need to watch the whole series to understand.....anything really. I'm at the last few episodes and I have loved every bit of it.
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    Worst game ever

    Jeez you guys say Pit fighter/Rygar/Sonic Adventure are worse than games like the "make your video" games for sega cd featuring such happening artists like kris cross and marky mark? oO Slam City with Scottie Pippen anyone? Or that warrior game...forget what it was called.
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    New Head Hunter

    Never played it but always wanted to. I think I'll go pick it up now that it's been brought up and refreshed in my memory...DC version of course