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    Whats your favorite online gaming shop?

    Ebay. What's more to say?
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    Car guys: Can you help recommend a car to me?

    If you want something cool for not a ton of money check out a Mitsubishi 3000gt. I know someone said stay away from mitsubishi but I recently got the chance to drive one and I enjoyed it a great deal. It's a pretty fun little ricer. If you want to be a bit sportier (albiet less original) you...
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    Good article on falling Japanese game market

    Couldn't all of this mean that after this drop (if there is one) another revolution is on the way in terms of consoles? In the 80s, the NES and most notably super mario bros. brought confidence in console game back to the casual gamer.
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    Post your desktop v.2

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    When dumb people do dumb things.

    "You guys OK?"
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    Anyone else sick of hearing from people like this?

    Here's my system: If you are a male trying to buy a violent video game and are wearing eye makeup NOT accompanied by lipstick and high heels, you should not be able to complete the transaction.
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    Sega Plans Outlined From Play

    I'm still convinced that sega will, some day, show up again in the console market whether it be an all-out sega console or simply a joint effort with another company.
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    email from ebay- this is a scam, right?

    How, I don't see an option of any sort on the ebay website.
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    email from ebay- this is a scam, right?

    Wow, it's a good thing this thread popped up. My mother JUST clicked the link in one of these emails, filled it out and everything. Is there something she should do?
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    Show Us your Valentine

    She's cuter in real life.
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    My Car Died :(

    Firebird, bitches :P
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    Bill Gates Strikes A Pose!

    Is it wrong if this arouses me?
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    I hate woman, but I so do love them!

    And we all hate you so shut up. Anyways, Lord, I'm actually in the same boat. What I suggest you do is just sever ties with this girl and she will get bored with you and go back to Chris. It's really best in the long run.
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    A psycho is STILL stalking me

    Send em my way fellas, I'm a sophmore in high school with no sense of responsibility and a pair of rich parents. I'm in my PRIME. And on a similar note to the above, I have lots of freshman asking for my cell number lately... O.o
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    Anybody still play ddr?

    Agreed. I don't really play ddr because I enjoy it. That isn't to say that I don't enjoy it, but I play it primarily to stay in shape. Me being the lazy asshole that I am refuse to do much cardio. I don't mind weights, but straight up jogging is just so boring. DDR is a good way to keep off...