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    how many japenes 32x games were released

    has any body tried to convert it to english?
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    how many japenes 32x games were released

    How may japanese 32x games were released that were not released in the usa and are any of them any good?
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    its a 32x/cd game thats why i think it does'nt work bacause gens doesnt support 32x, and neither does kega that is your problem i think
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    A bugs life for sega genesis

    Dont believe me well check this link out
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    does any body have this problem with dc gen .34b

    i cant get the discjuggler files i downloaded from to burn at all it starts then it says some kind of error and it just pops out and the cd is blank again can anyone help or explain
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    does any body have in any english translation patches

    does any body have or know where i could get some english patches for japanese roms such as dragon ball z thats an awsome game, or any other games any info would be appreciated
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    Would This Work

    Could you clean your sega cd with a two brush cd cleaning system. or would it wreck your sega cd. can it clean the laser or would it work at all
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    2 New Sega Cd Unreleased Titles now Available READ!!!!

    Incase you did not know Good Deal games has released to new Sega Cd Games that have been dorment for over 5 years they are Bug Blasters The Exterminators, and Star Strike incase you don't have them pick them up now they are collectors items and will not be around long. Go to...
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    Does any one no if Power Factory has any music files

    Does any one no if the sega cd game POWER FACTORY has any music files with it i just download the iso but there was no music files with it any help would be appreciated thanks
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    Dragon's Liar

    what do you do in the start of dragon's liar for sega cd i downloaded it from leprakungen and all it does at the start of the game is walk and fall off the bridge i can't control it or nothing the pause button works fine but i don't have a clue what the #### to do in that game
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    has any one heard of these games

    has any one heard of these games for genesis X-women: The Sinister Virus Lobo Congo: The Lost City of ZINJI Garfield: The Lost Levels Do these games exist or does any body have any of them or do you know where a guy could download them from