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    X-Box pricing

    They are still testing the xbox with the non-nvidia chips i believe
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    X-Box pricing

    I heard microsoft is testing a new version of the xbox with different chips so they can get rid of nvidia (and be able to push the price down more)
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    More Broadband Adapters on the way

    now the question is, are they makeing the ones that work with games?
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    VMU! Power Up!

    my setup is almost like that (i use the 9v battery connector to hook up to my 4 AA battery holder) and i just fastend the postive and negitive wires to a small peice of wood. And my battery wires are long enough to not need to worry about not being able to put it in my controller (the battery...
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    Getting Powered Up

    What happens (in detail)? any error messages (besides the one from the dreamcast not being able to connect) What are you useing for internet shareing (i believe win98 can't do net shareing how this setup works with the included net shareing thing in win98se)
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    VMU! Power Up!

    I've done this, it's really easy actually. I hooked one of my vmu's with a battery holder (holds 4 AA batteries at 1.5v each gives the 6v you need for the vmu) that hooks up through a 9v battery hookup so i can plug and unplug the AA battery holder from the vmu easily (all parts gotten at radio...
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    Dial-Up Internet

    It has to do with a bunch of things, phone line quality defnitly matters, the phone number you use to connect to the isp and the time it connects matters
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    firewire in a pc

    Ah, did you try pulling the card out then pluging it back in (makeing sure it's fully seated)? or do you have another pc you can try it in to see if it's a problem with the card? edit: and if your running win xp/2k then you would problaby need to log in as admin (witch i'm sure you don't do...
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    firewire in a pc

    so you have the digital camera plugged in are are waiting for the computer to find it? with usb you usually need to do it the other way around, install the software for the camera first, then plug in the device afterwards. try that (or is the problem with the firewire card?)
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    What's your username mean?

    What's your username mean? my nick means nothing really, just sounds good  
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    Basic stupid questions

    For sega cd games, you need a multi-bios type thing, for genesis it can vary between games (genesis/snes days were when compines first began putting territory lockouts in games)
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    Descent: the definitive collection

    Don't know about Dx2 but there is an opengl version of Dx1 (i got D1 from a computer gameing world mag, full version, free, I belive d3 came with my brothers sb live) you can get alot of the files for all the descent games at PlanetDescent
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    whats the best portable mp3 player?

    I heard that the creative jukebox has an annoying interface. I heard the best hard drive mp3 players are apple's one (windows support isn't exactly here yet ) and the rio hd player
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    Discussion for the News Topic

    that article makes it sound like sega is doing worse as a software company, witch isn't true, their games are selling well (although they still have a bit to go before they turn good profits again) the guy sounds really uninformed about the whole subjet
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    3D video card

    256mb apature size is usually too much (set at half your system ram is usually best) you set that in the bios. It should run in 2x just fine, but some motherboards can have problems with some cards sometimes have problems. To prove that the geforce 4 does support 2x agp, here's a short spec...