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    Classic game source out of business?

    I've ordered from them twice in the last 3 months, and have received my merchandise. At the same time though, I had the same problem as you. I placed my order, and they said they would contact me with shipping information. After not receiving it, I emailed them and heard nothing... then finally...
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    Yes!  Finally got a new Saturn

    Nope.. it was a Model 2... I had to put my mod chip in something :)
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    Yes!  Finally got a new Saturn

    Actually, the Saturn itself was, as well the manuals, warranty registration card, gamepad, AV cables and power cords. Came with the Nights sampler, etc... I couldn't really bitch for $30.. I was going to buy it as a used one and having a brandnew one just made the buy sweeter.
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    Yes!  Finally got a new Saturn

    Nothing worse than being down for 2 months.. but, at a local game store, they had a new Saturn in box for $30 :) Took it home, modded it.. and we're working again :) Now... back to collecting games...
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    Someone was asking for a SegaCD Ram Cart $15 ain't bad.
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    Christmas presents for me..

    Star Wars 32x? I'll check in to it. There's a local Game Xchange where I'm at that has about 70 32x games in stock (not all diff titles, but total) new in boxes for 3.99 each. I think I'll go stock up.
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    Hey I'm don't mean to be annoying...

    I'm using Fireburner 2.12 and XP to burn off all my Sega CD/Saturn games. Check Fireburner's message board if you have any issues getting ASPI to work.
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    Christmas presents for me..

    So ... we opened up our presents a bit early this year :) My wife was cool enough to get me some Sega stuff... a new Action Replay Plus cart, a couple Saturn lightguns, a new in box Sega 32x (no games yet), an Intellivision System Changer (so I can play some 2600 games on it). Of course, I...
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    dreamcast read cd-roms?

    Hmm.. I keep hearing that "December 2000" units won't play CDRs.. however, both of mine dated Dec do without issue.. emulators, or whatever have worked fine.
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    Maybe I was just lucky, but I ordered from Playthegames (my mod *BOARD* :)) and it arrived within 5 days. Ice
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    Wanted: Sega CD Ram Cartridge

    I just bought mine today for $12.50 at a local Game Xchange - if I see another, I'll let you know.
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    Sega CD cart question

    I've come across a country converter cart for a Sega CD/Genesis that's supposed to be good for importing US games to Europe.. now, if I bring this cart over to a US machine, will it do anything productive? If not, is there such a cart to bring imports over to the US Sega CDs?