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    How many consoles do you own??

    Odyssey2 Atari 2600 4 switcher Atari 2600 Jr. NES Sega Genesis Model 1 (x3) Power Base Converter for above Sega CD Model 1 Turbo Grafx 16 Sega Genesis Model 2 Sega 32X Super Nintendo Model 1 Super Nintendo Model 2 Neo-Geo MVS 2-slot (consolized) Sega Saturn Nintendo Gameboy Color...
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    NeoGeo on the Wii

    Neo Geo w/Wii controller = blasphemy ;)
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    What could have been...

    I think Shenmue II was probably pretty close to the limit. AM2 always got the most out of the hardware, and the extreme slowdown in some spots shows that they were really pushing it. It also looks better than a lot of PS2 games. As far as more recent DC releases go, I think Under Defeat looks...
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    The GC version has the rotation option. It's just that the game looks better via VGA than on a TV. But don't worry, it looks fine in TATE mode on the cube.
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    Raiden IV !!!

    Supposedly coming to the 360 in the US as well.
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    Most wanted

    Still wantin' to play Hokuto no Ken on PS2. Also the Dracula X collection for PSP.
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    Sega Plans to Stop GD-ROM Production 02/2007

    So what's going on with this? At least one developer (Triangle Service) just released a new NAOMI game, which I assume is on GDROM.
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    Looking for outrun 2006 players !!!

    I'd like to play sometime. msg me on IRC or something. Are you talking PS2 or PC version? I have both, but I'm not sure if they're capable of playing against each other.
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    SEGA Rally is back !!!

    Whoa... that's definitely looking good.. but I'd feel more confident if it were an arcade game. I just feel that they would probably tune the gameplay more in that case.
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    Ninja Warriors Sega CD and SNES differences?

    Ninja Warriors Again is a completely different game; it's actually the sequel to the first. The Sega CD version of the original is pretty sweet, so I would recommend picking it up if you happen to see it.
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    Paperboy 2 Genesis/NES/SNES differences?

    AFAIK Paperboy 2 was a home-only release. Interesting that the games are different, although that sometimes happens (look at all the various versions of Double Dragon).
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    Combining Forums

    Looks pretty good overall, although I think a forum for PC gaming is appropriate, and also that the various download sections should be kept separate. Also, it's probably good to have a separate forum for 'Sega consoles' and 'Sega console support'... really it all depends on the volume of posts...
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    Black vs. Red

    What's your preferred era of Genesis titles? The earlier black box/white grid look, or the red box with the new logo? It's a close call, but I'd have to say that if I could only play games with one type of box or the other, I'd have to go with the classic black box games.
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    Five New VC Games for the Wii

    Gain Ground! Nice, that's one of the few killer Genesis titles I don't already own.
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    Video Card issue w/ hauppauge 500MCE

    Hmm... a most vexing problem indeed. Difficult to diagnose anything with no video. ;) ... Personally I would try hooking up an older CRT based monitor if you have one around. I have an old single-sync VGA monitor that only does 640x480@60, however if there is a signal at all it will display...