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    New here, names Bob Do Something

    Welcome Bob! Be sure to pick up your "sane" badge from the front desk when you get a chance. Post up your sega collection for us once you've taken some pics!
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    Saturn repairs

    Thanks vbt, but i already googled it. Now my brain hurts!
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    Saturn repairs

    Roger that mate. I do own a soldering iron and volt meter. Although these devices may appear to give an impression i could know what i am doing...they are actually sitting around on the work bench soley to make me look sexy. Unfortunately i have the technical electronic skills of an earthworm...
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    Saturn repairs

    ...and just in case any of you misfits don't believe me about the Moose bones...luckily i took a pic before shaking them all out! Holy lamas in the bahamas wearing pajamas made out of gunja and almonds Batman!!
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    Saturn repairs

    Hi rorirub, all the caps appear to be good. I gave the motherboards close inspections and couldn't see any red flags. They seem to be in pretty good shape for their age. Im guessing Moose skeletons rattling around don't help stable operation so im glad i was able to sweep them out! :D
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    Saturn repairs

    Hey vbt! They all kinda work. Number two is running better now after i removed the skeletal remains of a dead Moose that crawled under the motherboard. I don't even know how it got in there, not only that...We don't have Moose's in Australia? Number 1 motherboard base is the most glitchy and...
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    Saturn repairs

    Hi guys,'s been a while. I hope you are all staying cool or at the very least slinky! So i've been doing some Saturn repairs on these three dodgy Chinese models for a friend. Hoping to get two fully working hassel free. One is for parts because the darn ribbon is totally munted! :/ * >>>...
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    Need help identifying what this is?

    hi mate, according to this vid @26min.07sec mark, it adjusts the range the laser moves out to read the edge of the CD.
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    r3 rogue Gundam

    My second fav Saturn Game Gundam! Hope to get into it more one day once i can finish Gun Griffon 2. I found this half built model Gundam years ago for two bux in an op shop. Finally finished it's custom paint job and made up some story about it. None of the following below is remotely true. r3...
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    Pseudo Saturn Kai official thread

    That is terrible news. Im sorry to hear this. :( You've got the percentage survival chance advantage in your pocket though. I say fight it all the way!!...besides, you actually don't have permission to die yet cafe-alpha. You know the rules mate. I am going to need to see written permission in...
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    GunGriffon and GunGriffon 2 -HI SCORES-

    Far out i don't know how many attempts its taken me these past months to simply even finish mission 3 alive! This is not the score i was hoping for, but for now it will have to do i guess. I am not going to make a video of this mission until i can get the score closer to the 70% mark while not...
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    Pseudo Saturn Kai official thread

    Yeah, i wouldn't worry about trying to fix this single issue mate. I should have been a little bit more specific when i made that random comment. I don't know where i got this wildcat game pad from but it most likely came bundled with a second hand Saturn console i picked up somewhere in the...
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    Pseudo Saturn Kai official thread

    The only real problems i've had so far, is with a third party wildcat controller when using Pseudo. Swap the controller over to a factory issue pad and it fires up straight away? ...weird
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    oh my goodness gracious me!!
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    Replacement Laser Len For SEGA SATURN on AliExpress & ebay

    Thanks again for your help vbt! Here is some laser replacement info for Australian PAL Saturn owners. I bought two sets of Saturn lasers off ebay from this fella a while back, so if any of the following helps someone in the future then it's a good thing! NEW OPTICAL LASER LENS PICKUP for SEGA...