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    Cypherpunks ( dreamcast hacking kit )

    I remember a while ago this group has demoed the DC with Linux that would hook up to a network and sniff traffic and recover passwords and ports ... etc. Want to know if anyone has seen this or has this ... Want to know more about it
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    v.s. cable no workie

    sooo .... no one tried this before ?
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    v.s. cable no workie

    Has anyone linked up F355, Voot, Dytona or any other DC games that are supposed to support the VS CABLE ? I got it ( Dragoncast ) and it does not work - is there a special procedure ? - is my cable cable busted ? - do i need real copies ?
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    PSX Audio Tracks mods

    I have turened off the music from options menu, but that is still not as cool as makin your own audio trackss for a brned game. I always impressed my friends with Saturn and SegaCD games, specialy if the game is a shooter or high pace game and you throw a nce high eneergy track on it. Or when...
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    PSX Audio Tracks mods

    You are sure that it can't be done like on the Saturn and SegaCD ? Are the PSX CDs non multi session ? Bump ...
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    DC Microphone

    you are supposed to pres the A button down while you talk to Seaman. you spend couple of days with them ... Than you say ... " i love you " then he tells you " i love you too, pukie "
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    PSX Audio Tracks mods

    I love playing GT / GT2 from scratch once in a while ( say 2 - 3 times a year i will get bored and throw the CD in and get hooked on it again ) I want to put some of my favorite driving songs on the CD .... can i go that like i can on the SAT and SegaCD ?
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    Easy CD PRO 95 ( looking for it )

    My old Sony Burner does not work with Nero, Disk Juggler or the newer Easy CD Creator Does some one have Easy CD PRO 95 ?
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    Alien Front Online

    mine does ...
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    New Dreamcast! New BBA, Useless... I have it and the BBA, but have been too lazy to sit down and rip it, cause i don't have any CDRs to test it .... soon when i have some time i will see what i can do.
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    JVC Xeyes Territorial Lockout Mod

    wouldit not be easier to use the region converter when buring them ?
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    problem with browser and mouse

    What is the name of the browser ?
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    Sega CD ( CUE, ISO, MP3 )

    i have couple of games ( snatcher is one of them ) and i have wasted about 6-9 CDs already trying different FAQs and websites I will try it on another CD burner, maube it will work
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    ICQ List of DC-ers on SX

    what server is that on ?
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    Sega CD ( CUE, ISO, MP3 )

    I usualy figure things out with trial and error and then go to the FAQs if it does not work ..... so Ii did that and tried different guides and tried different programs .... but none worked. - JVC X'EYE ( Sega CD ) - LG 8x burner - 200mhz PC - Nero and CDRWIN work fine with other CD images...