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    What web browser do you use?

    There is but one true browser!
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    this place is dead?

    Did someone say rise from your grave?! :ciao:
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    Radiant Silvergun

    Thanks s8n!
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    Radiant Silvergun

    Hi everyone I've finally bit the bullet and bought myself a copy of Radiant Silvergun (I know... just before the prices fall!). I received it today and my absolute joy turned to horror as soon as I started reading the manual. it's matte, rather than gloss! Does anyone have an original copy of...
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    How old is SX ?

    Well... I didn't disappear exactly... I moved countries and got older, fatter and busier. I guess the same as everyone else. How you doing man? Been at least 5 years!
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    How old is SX ?

    Shit just got real!!!! I'm baaaaack!! YEA!!! Woooo!!! . . . . . Hello??? Anyone remember me?
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    Sad news NX may close soon *UPDATED*

    <blast_from_the_past> Wow, what a shock! I must say I'm really sad to see SX/NX go (it was a huge part of my life, and NX was my baby for a long time). But, like life itself, things and people move on. The current internet landscape is becoming more and more commercial and small community...
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    Mario Kart DS?

    Hey there! Yea, I know... I've been missing a lot lately... i suck. Sorry, my heart just hasn't been in games lately. Blah blah blah... anyway. I got Mario Kart DS today and it rocks my socks. If anyone would like to have a game, my friend code is: 502571 224958 Might be a good idea for...
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    Anybody get Killer 7 yet?

    No, not yet... but it's top of my must-have list.
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    Post 80s/90s cartoons that you bet everyone has forgotten a

    No Biker Mice from Mars or Sewer Sharks!!? Tut tut :P
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    Be strong London!

    I would just like to send my condolences to all the families of those hurt or killed by today's bombings in London. All of us are united with you in solidarity. Be eternally vigilant. Our prayers are with you!
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    Update on new messageboard..

    Yes, I'd very much like to.
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    PC is in the hospital no updates till fixed

    eww... windoze :P
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    The Best N64 games

    Yea, OoT spanks everything... your mother included ;)
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    Update on new messageboard..

    racketboy: I really like those designs! Maybe if you could come up with a couple more including all the major 'tendo characters we can have a random/rotating header section. I think that'd be cool and I'm loving the general idea of the design! What says everyone else? I'm dying to get rid of...