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    Gens Save States

    that would be cool! save states for final bosses and rpg endings that kind of stuff
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    Gens Save States

    Any one know where i can get gens save state files
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    Sega CD Burning

    nero 5.5 is the best you dont have to convert the wavs to mp3 if you use a cue sheet set up like this FILE "DATAFILE.ISO" BINARY TRACK 01 MODE1/2048 INDEX 01 00:00:00 POSTGAP 00:02:00 FILE "TRACK 02.MP3" MP3 TRACK 02 AUDIO PREGAP 00:02:00 INDEX 01 00:00:00 FILE "TRACK 03.MP3"...
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    yes you can use mp3s instead of wavs i burn cue with nero 5.5 and use mp3's
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    Cue File For Lunar 2

    looks like mode1/2048 isos
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    Cue File For Lunar 2

    Vay too would be cool
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    Cue File For Lunar 2

    oh yeah Shining Force CD cue also :)
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    Cue File For Lunar 2

    Anyone have to cue file for lunar 2 if so email it to me please!!
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    Its #### Cool! Graphics Much Sharper Than The Sega CD. Any One Know Of A Translation?
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    Snatcher problem, please help

    Shareef187 ever get you snatcher working iam haveing the same problem as you??? is it a bad iso maybe??