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    CHEAP MOD BOARDS!!!!!!!!!

    mod board for about ten bucks at: they have them.
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    Cloud121 all you need to do is get a vcd card form ebay for about 40-50 buck a nd a st-key and it will work perfect. that all i do.
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    What size does the image have to be so it can convert right??? Having problems.
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    how do i do this. it very hard
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    DC portable screen

    i thinking about buying this to make my dc portable. i might work
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    is Toejam&Earl 3 still coming out?????

    is Toejam&Earl 3 still coming out????? yes or no i want this game!!!!!!!
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    game engine

    if possible a online zelda-type rpg. thats what im strivving for at this moment. But im the point of still tryin tro get tje offline working.
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    game engine

    i decided to stop because it was more hassle to get it setup than make it from other ideas from programming for all different platforms.
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    game engine

    Can anyboby help write it. I 'm trying a engine like zelda but have it do my grafx at the same time. Also do anyone know how to write in netlink support???
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    dc probs

    My console powers up but displays a blank white screen. Occasionally the Sega logo appears but then the screen freezes. I don't know if it is a drive problem or the a/v connection
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    sgl tools

    where can i find them.
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    it seems that i will write an gg emu for pc. must get my dev cart to work again. baaaaaaaaaahhhhhh were can i find these nowww!!
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    you where developing a game from a long time ago like a music generator or something???
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    because i have gg and lots of games.i just love game gear and want more emu for that run,and i love saturn too so what the hey.
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    I'm starting a gamegear emu but need some can ne help me.