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    For anyone who wants to develop for Saturn...

    ...this might be of interest to you: Also note that there is a Hi-Saturn for sale too
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    New Game System

    quote:"However, what interests us is getting the body more physically involved with technology and making it fun in the process." hmmm... Lawnmower man?...
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    Download ShenSonic Demo2!

    I teach children how to use computers twice a week and the first lesson is: You cannot break that thing by using software! Yes, you can lose data, but that´s just lost time, no real physical damage. Everyone who has sensible data on his/her machine has to make backups, period. If you don´t...
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    not if you do not give it enough height to reach its terminal velocity I smashed an N64cartridge against a wall by accident, I wanted to pretend throwing it at somebody but I was a little bit too drunk to realise that you do not let go of something if you only want to pretend that you´re...
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    Are PSX fans as nuts about their system as Sega owners?

    yeah, especially that darn R-360 thingy. And the maintenance costs on that freak are a royal pain in the hieny.
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    Are PSX fans as nuts about their system as Sega owners?

    Take it easy. Death, just post some pictures of your collection and we´ll believe. End of story. BTW, the Hi-Saturn, was that the one to be used in a car with a GPS-system? There was one on sale recently, complete with the fitting monitor. Went away for about 750US$, if I remember correctly...
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    House Of The Dead: The Movie

    aww, come on girls and guys, not all of those movies were really bad. I really enjoyed the Final Fantasy movie as a no-brainer, and Mario Brothers was fun if you DON´T like the plumber duo. sure, most of those didn´t have too much in common with their video game counterparts but the FF-games...
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    Best Video Game EVER

    argh, SC5, how can you dare to bring this game to my attention again! Up, down, left, right, chu chu chu... I was going around like that for days, actually, everyone who was at my place and played the game one fateful evening was running around like this for quite a while - this game is...
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    Portable DC??

    nah, the GC isn´t smaller than the DC, maybe in footprint but it is way higher and the ugly handle at the back takes up a lot of space too. 1cm more in width and they could´ve used standard CDs/DVDs on that thing.
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    Portable DC??

    ok, let´s not overestimate the DC. It´s no real 128bit console, same as the Jaguar was no real 64bit console and the PS2 isn´t 128bit either. 2 64bit processors don´t make a 128bit system, you know. The address bus from the graphics rasterizer on the PS2 and the CPU is capabale of handling a...
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    Sonic CD PC Demo Game

    it can be run fullscreen though, but the resolution ist the same as on the original console. They also ported Bug, Panzer Dragoon 1 (I have it), Daytona, Virtua Fighter 1&2 (have both), Comix Zone and a few others.
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    3rd Party Broadband Adapters?!?!

    you´re right, that´s exactly the thing I´m trying to set up here. And if it works, I can finally do a full NAT-routing to my Dreamcasts MODEM (I´m a poor 33.6K euro-user), since I can just hook up a modem to my pc and connect it to the DC, it will give me Internet access without any problems...
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    Magic Knight Rayearth

    with MKR, you might even better get the US version, since it was heavily re-done, because the development files of the japanese original went missing. The US has less slowdown and you don´t have to talk to every character everywhere if you accidentially bump into them while moving. The saved...
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    need info on arcade cabinets

    also try Hanaho, they make cabinets for the arcade industry, but also make individual ones for putting a PC inside, but I´ve heard that they can built one with a double connection, Jamma and PC (for emulation purposes). They also make the great HotRod joystick. Oh, and if you want a bigger or...
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    Official bootdisk useful?

    Oh, Akuma, that thing wasn´t useless at all, because it defeated the country protection on early modded PSOne units, which could not be done with the first modchips for those little buggers.