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    Jet Grind Radio...

    if JGR/JSRF are too *hard* for you, I hear nintendos working on a new Pokemon title..
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    lame question

    shredded wheat and hot water.. good stuff
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    Rez - a masterpiece

    I thought Rez was just eye-candy, and it was immediately obvious why no US release on this one. The music just isnt anything I'd listen to, so it couldn't make the game for me. Just an unusual looking shooter. Just a different opinion.
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    What's your worst experience with a game system or game?

    You people even give your stuff a cursory glance before you plug it in? I mean all these consoles just exploding when you plug in 'accessory a'... never had anything like that.. and I've plugged about everything there is into every slot it'll fit in.. Once I told my wife I was going to create...
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    TAO and DAO

    "Is the end result the same as using POSTGAP 00:02:00/PREGAP 00:02:00 in your cue sheet?" I thought that would be logical, but apparantly not. Working Designs titles on Sega CD (Lunar) just dont work unless you burn 'em TAO.. Others wont work unless you burn 'em DAO.. Some dont work at all no...
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    JSRF f***ing ROCKS! God I love this game. Everything the DC version was, multiplied by about 5x and raised 12 orders of magnitude.. I'll play tonight some more and see if I can help ya.. Usually I cant find anything *BUT* the garage :)
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    Anyway to backup my VMU?

    I got one of the Dual-whatsits (ack cant remember the name).. Kind of like a double-headed dex-drive for VMUs (holds 2 vmus at a time).. Works with the same software and link cable as the nexus card, which isnt all that great.. Parallel devices other than printers are positively unreliable...
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    Best DC model to buy?

    I've bought and seen a handful of US dreamcasts from launch up until death (I bought mine on launch, a bud just picked up a 'new' one for his kid). They all play CD-Rs just fine, and I've yet to see a problem with 1st session audio.. I don't think sega ever got around to taking MIL-CD support...
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    How to rip DC games......

    If you use the coders cable (serial ~120k) it'll take about 24 hours of solid reading to transfer a full GD-Rom (full as in 1 Gig, few are 'full'). Hence the tales of DC's melting down.. I mean, having the unit on for 24 hrs is one thing, having the drive actually spin up/spin down/seek, etc...
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    Where can I get a modded saturn from?

    Its only a 1 wire mod, and that one wire is easy to do (compared to say the points on a PSX, DC or PS2).. Basically if you know how a soldering iron works, you can do it.. Only place I know of selling pre-modded units is and they are UNRELIABLE! AVOID THEM.. I'll shorten my...
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    Pacific Mall (Largest Chinese Mall in TO)

    "But then again, Toronto is full of crime and this kinda crap anyways " Toronto is the only city I've been in that I felt completely safe walking around downtown by myself half-drunk and stoned at 2AM after a Slayer concert at the warehouse. I ain't skeered of nothing in TO ('cept maybe...
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    The Autobahn & The Volkswagen Company

    The Autobahn & The Volkswagen Company See, building up these companies were what got Hitler his power.. He took a country in complete ruin after the treaty of versaille, turned it into an economic powerhouse, impervious even to the great depression, and he did it by building military equipment...
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    Phantasy Star Memory

    funcoland has sucked ever since it merged with gamestop (and babbages, software etc and the others). The prices used to be soooo much better... I remember walking in with 20 bucks and walking out with a bag full of assorted NES, Genny and SNES carts. now if you go and look close, you'll notice...
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    LIK SANG sells flash linkers too, they're based in Quebec. I got my NeoGeo Pocket linker and GB E-Merger from 'em.. They're reliable. Since Lik-Sang isnt shipping mod chips to US anymore, does anyone know if this includes Saturn mods, or was just the PS2 mods? If so, anyone know of...
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    Dolby Surround

    I generally hate all FPS titles, PC or console. But I love Halo, the controls are more intuitive and responsive than I'd ever expect them to be for an FPS on a gamepad, the graphics are great, the sound is great, the load times are non-existant. Plus driving around in the jeep with a buddy in...