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    LOCKE'S BACK! doubtful . . dont have the bandwidth to spare. if i can get something set up where i had it last then, perhaps. that infinite bandwidth was my old isp, optonline. i dont think my college wants me to destroy their outgoing bandwidth with rabid sega fans ~_~. they've already...
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    LOCKE'S BACK! sup mal . . . needs more somethingawful emoticons? ::krad::
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    Nester 6.0

    yeah, but it takes quite a bit of space on the vmu. from the readme : i havent tried ninja gaiden or mm yet, dunno why i forgot them.
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    Nester 6.0

    just burned nester 6 using mkisofs/ipins/iso2mac (seems 1st_read.bin was already set for 11700) final fantasy seems to work perfectly so far. havent tried DW, but i would imagine it would work the same. work perfectly = full frames, correct colors, pretty perfect sound, savefile and savestate...
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    Bin/Cue...... on a Mac?

    do not use multitrack cdrom xa for any saturn/segacd game, a waste of a cdr (XA = mode 2/2352 b/sector) and try dropping the bin file directly in the "disc image" mode in toast. also, did you try using virtual pc to convert those cdr files? (via SOX) i have done it successfully myself to burn...
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    Bin/Cue...... on a Mac?

    which verson of binchunker are you using? i believe 1.1 will do automatic converson of .cdr -> .aif. if that dosent work, the other thing i've tried is getting a dos prog called sox, and using that in conjuction with virtual pc to convert those cdr files. i have the sox source here, but i'm...
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    Bin/Cue...... on a Mac?

    do you have the binchunker port to mac? you can use that to turn BIN/CUE -> ISO/AIFF or try the latest verson of toast (5.1.2), as i have read it supports BIN files with more compatibilty, though i havent tested it.
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    Sega Cd Emulator

    gallstaff was reading your mislabeled topic name. and no, dont even bother with saturn emulation unless you're a programmer, and a decent one at that.
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    What are you listening to at the moment?

    linked for image size . . . playlist laugh if you'd like to . . . edit : that and quite a bit of soundtracks, including : xenogears ff series (piano, celtic moon, and ost's) wild arms nes nsf -> aiff compilation cd i made sonic adv. 2 (Edited by lockecole2 at 8:12 pm on Mar. 5, 2002)
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    EZ CD PRO/CDRWIN help plz!!!!!

    afraid i can't help you there, as i'm using a mac, not a pc to burn games. i think in EZ CD you'd choose "mixed mode from image" to burn saturn, then arrange the audio tracks in order after selecting the disc image. did you try fireburner? i heard that works wonders and is quite simple to use...
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    Nester 5.0

    you are quite correct. the emulation is freakin' perfect. castlevaina II looks better than the actual nes cart, i suppose due to the increased resolution the dc can offer. and it runs at full speed (60fps?) with no slowdown. also was a breeze to burn a selfboot from raw files, and changing...
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    EZ CD PRO/CDRWIN help plz!!!!!

    no multiple swaps needed, i just tested using my own burn, and i swap the same way you do. i would say to get rid of the raw2iso iso you got, since the bin contains audio in it, and thus would make the iso incorrect. try binchunker to convert the bin to iso/wav and check it in satconv (though...
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    burning .rar's in toast

    macrar is the best rar client, never use stuffit for rars. and no, rar is compression(redudant i know, but i dont care), and will not convert by quicktime ;) you may want to retry downloading the rars if you're getting bad/corrupted music.
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    Good anime

    i say . . . fatal fury movie + ova's evanglion kamikaze kaitou jeanne . . . if you can get the fansub. lodoss war ovas only hentai i'd recommend islunatic night - i thought it was pretty hilarious la blue girl has too many tenticles, egh.
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    teh goat is more alive (or was) on the somethingawful forums i believe. they have a whole forum dedicated to it almost (FYAGC) i believe is the acronym.