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    little help with SMS emulator for saturn :(

    iso buster handles img does CDmage. and i think both can convert to other formats,i.e iso. your best off with CDmage.if i remember right,it can convert anything to anything. also when you said no other program can burn an img,well i looked at the file types in isobuster,and according...
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    Snatcher ISO+Mp3 Freezing problems

    maybe the iso is corrupted.....maybe i think what gallstaff means by the sync problem is,the speech not in sync with the can cause the game to freeze. also you may not have all the mp3 files.some games will freeze or just not load at all if your missing an mp3 or two. i think...
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    fun fun game

    correct dude. your turn to post a pic.
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    fun fun game

    yep it was on the sega megadrive. i used to own the cart,back when i had a megadrive,but that pic is from a rom.
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    fun fun game

    Well it is basically a rip off of snow bros,bubble bobble,and probebly a few others.its a japanese not sure it was released anywhere outside of japan.but i maybe wrong. right the name of the game is **** **** world. there that should maybe help.if no one gets it then i guess i picked a...
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    Own emulator project, need alot of help!

    im not to sure what version mine is.but i will check.if its the right one i will email you that file.
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    fun fun game

    right i think its ok now.
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    fun fun game

    the pic was on even the link dont work. maybe im posting it wrong.i clicked the image button,then added the that right?
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    Saturn on Steroids

    nice video.very fast paced,loved it.
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    Micro Machines

    Micro machines,what can i say that has not been said allready? nothing game love knocking a m8 off the course,forcing them to lose,lol brilliant and my m8s had many a argument with this game.
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    fun fun game

    ok an easy one(well i think it will be easy) ignore this
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    fun fun game

    I have no idea what the other game is.i've searched all my old mags,and cannot find it.
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    Game Factory carts? Place Label here? Blue Chips?

    yo miles,have you found out what those carts are? also where do you live?,my fle market has nothing good like that just
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    anyone know what this is?

    Thx m8. pity they never released something like that,but you could stick any saturn game in ya pc and play it.would be cool. oh well ,dream on lupas.......
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    anyone know what this is?

    So with that card you could stick in one of your saturn games,i.e panzer dragoon,and play it on your pc? or were they special versions of the game?