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    Castlevania Translating

    Seriously, try to hack two or three 16 bit games before going to saturn, psx or pc stuff dude.
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    saturn bootable cds, making a new saturn game

    I'm also sure the security ring was pressed, and probably any serious cd pressing company will be able to copy it and press it. You just have to start looking for someone that wants to do it for an affordable price :P
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    SMS Flashkart for sale

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    Working Designs is no more :(

    I will never forgive Lunar translation made by WD.
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    C4 - 2005 & 2006 discussion

    C4 - 2005 & 2006 discussion Rockin-b, the url of my store in the CD is wrong... Now sure my advertisement will have no effect at al :( Oh, well, tell the winner to mail me to to get the prize.
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    SMS Flashkart for sale

    Ok, I will drop it on 65 euro.
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    SMS Flashkart for sale

    New, never used but to test it. It is the Tototek one, complete with cables. 70 € plus shipping. I ship from Spain.
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    Please, puntualize if stores are allowed to sell on this forum, thanks.
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    My bigger interest in saturn emus is to test translation stuff without having to record to cd-rw and try in the real thing once and another. So, SSF is becoming a really handy tool.
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    C4 - 2005 & 2006 discussion

    C4 - 2005 & 2006 discussion Sponsors' banners :P
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    Save Game Manager for SEGA Saturn

    How hard will get saturn to output stuff throught pad port to a db25 conector and read it on pc?
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    Save Game Manager for SEGA Saturn

    Well, if you can get your Saturn to burn data back to cd, please tell us ;)
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    C4 - 2005 & 2006 discussion

    C4 - 2005 & 2006 discussion Rather than a contest, I will set up a "petition system". For example, "I will donate $20USD to the person that ports MEKA to Saturn with sound and a good framerate". Other persons that will also like to see that can make aditional offers, and coders then can both...
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    Saturn Pad and Virtua Stick

    The saturn pad will have dualshock?
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    Sega Saturn game CD copy protection

    IIRC, I used backups with GiriGiri and had no problems running them.