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    Heretic, Hexen.

    Vavoom can do that too, it'll run most of the doom engine games, including Strife
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    how to remove cpl?

    I've tried that and I suppose I could have missed something, but in the past I've found that not everything that runs on windows start shows up there.
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    how to remove cpl?

    First, I used "add/remove progams" from the control panel to uninstall the interface software (settings control for special effects, etc) there were no error messages so I had thought that the uninstall went ok. After that, I went to the device manager and told it to uninstall the drivers. After...
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    how to remove cpl?

    Recently my mom had some trouble with her pc, so she gave it to some guy she found in the yellow pages (or maybe it was the classifieds? don't remember) to fix it. He sent her hd to a data recovery service, and I suppose that's good cause I don't know anything about that kind of stuff, but when...
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    Longest Load Time EVER!

    Actually, I've got a C64. Don't use it much anymore but I can tell you that most of the disk based games i've played loaded in half the time it took for that video to play
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    What are your dreams?

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    What are some things you have learned from movies?

    The evil labratory's self destruct switch is always clearly labeled in large print and is in full view where just anybody can come along and press it
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    Fixing Overscan in Fallout 1?

    Do you have ATI's catalyst control panel installed? If you go to tv properties > adjustments, you should be able shrink the output size a little or move the picture up a bit, just like the control buttons on a regular pc monitor.
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    What are some things you have learned from movies?

    Even if they've already been set off at least once, ancient traps in abandoned temples will always reset themselves for next party of adventurers to come along Plastic armor is no defense against laser pistols
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    What are your dreams?

    Build a time machine, go back to the 60s, set up dvr to record the lost episodes of Doctor Who..... For real, pay off credit cards and save up enough $$ to buy a small house with a large garage that I can turn into a woodshop.
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    codec pack

    I use the CCCP, it's packaged with MPC and the free version of Zoom Player, both of which I like better than windows media player
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    Saturn Game Basic

    hmm.. I've never actually done it, but you could try using virtualdub as it has a filter that can hardcode subtitles into the video. just create an external subtitle (.srt format i think), and set it to display the same message for the entire length of the video
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    Post your favorite YTMND's

    Post your favorite YTMND's
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    Hacked a 21pin mod to 20 pin saturn

    just got my hacked chip from NHJ, it got a little smashed up in the mail, but I somehow managed to re-attach the one wire that came loose without damaging anything else. Installed it with no problems, works great. here's a tip for anyone who wants to install a chip without sodering in the power...
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    Playing PS1 games via PS2 on HDTV

    don't know if this is it, but have you tried changing the video output settings in the ps2 system menu?