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    Happy Birthday Dreamcast!!!

    wow... only one... and is not that good.... best dc games came from japan
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    Anime you MUST watch!

    hey... it is good sonic X??? it didnt arrive here yet.... My list 1) Inuyasha 2) Cowboy Beebop 3) Card Captor Sakura (old but...) 4) Evangelion 5) Sakura Mail 6) Saber J/J to X 7) Burn up excess I saw the american version of SCC, i think it name was Cardcaptos... that serie really sucked..
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    Saber Marionette J/ J to X

    I started to watch Saber J/j to X but i dont understand.... what are the marionettes?? When i started was like in the middle or something...
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    If you had 3 super powers what would they be?

    Never die is boring...., if you are always late to somewhere will be boring.... I think that having no super power makes life interesting..... :cool:
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    No Audio from Dreamcast

    Well, it happened something similar to me once. It was the AV cable. I bought a new one an it worked again.... but my dc is now dead XD
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    My DC blew up

    well, i plugged my dc to a 220v power supply (american dreamcast are 110v) and now it doesnt turn on any more... and in the inside my dc is perfectly normal. i speak spanish... im from Paraguay...
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    My DC blew up

    sorry for my english, but i blew up my dreamcast... :damn: what should i do?? buy a new dc, having like 40 games.... or just buy a next gen console??? :(
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    Gameshark help!!

    I tested again in other games like Power stone 2 and Vanishing point (both pirates) and it worked, but when i try the sonic adventure cheat (any cheat) it doesnt work. Sonic is original...
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    Gameshark help!!

    Well, the gameshark boot. I add a code, well, i follow the instructions of the video, in that way it has to work, right?? I tried with Sonic adventure(original) Doa2 (non-original copy) Marvel vs Capcom 2 (non-original copy) both with utopia boot disc...
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    Gameshark help!!

    i bought gameshark for dc, i do everything what says in the manual but it doesnt work! i tried with original and non-original games... what should i do? :huh