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    Hottest Actresses?

    Some people of mixed ethnic origin are very sensitive about such things. I personally am not [of course my mix is four diff types of euro people - I is too american ;)], but I wouldn't want anyone to feel offended by our silly postings. Also, how could I know what your background is? I didn't...
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    Best way to rip iso's

    DJ does rule! Nero is awesome as well. edit - CDRWin is probably the best choice for BIN/CUE stuff. A lot of people like FireBurner, but I prefer CDRWin over it hands down. (Edited by Mo Threat at 2:07 am on Nov. 30, 2001)
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    SFV files question

    The SFV file is just check the integrity of your d/l. It isn't part of the archive. In other words, if you can't extract the ACE or RAR volumes the SFV will let you figure out which one you have to d/l again. Or which one to repair if the u/l-er was thoughtful enough to use the recovery record...
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    Hottest Actresses?

    "Golden Vanilla" sounds a little racist dude. I assume you didn't mean that way, but nevertheless... be cooler about not saying things like that.
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    Yo Mo!

    I've got the EUR version. PDS won't work with an AR cart. Cloud - You've misunderstood, I changed the region. PDS is the only game where I had to do it [I don't like fooling with ISOs, I like them unaltered]. There is no patch to make it work with an AR cart.
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    Hottest Actresses?

    My current fave is Kristin Kreuk [Smallville]. She has the face of a goddess. I'd watch Smallville even if I hated it just to see her. I like the show though. Others that should be mentioned: Shiri Appleby [Roswell] Jessica Alba [Dark Angel] Amy Acker & Charisma Carpenter [Angel] Rose...
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    Favourite movie?

    Holy crap! Your fave flick is Orgazmo? It was funny, but I woulda never thought anyone would like it that much. Me fave depends on me mood. Here's some I'm always down to see again: The Lost Weekend Barfly Ed Wood God Of Gamblers Returns Tricky Business Blade Runner Big Trouble In Little...
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    Rez - a masterpiece

    Excellent. :) I've been hearing the buzz, but it's nice to a real user saying it too.
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    Cd Graphics (Cd-G) Help?

    you're not mistaken. BTW folks, how many "normal" music CDs [e.g. non-karaoke] have you come across that are CD+G? I can only think of three - Chris Isaak's Silvertone; A Jimi Hendrix greatest hits collection, and a Dramarama disc who's name escapes me.
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    Lik-Sang Info

    Here's some edresses: Contact us via E-Mail Lik Sang welcomes your questions regarding our services, products, or any other inquiries you might have. Please use the E-Mail addresses below to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have. Once received, we usually should be able to...
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    Lik-Sang Info

    sorry dude, I didn't get your prob. I'll see if I can find anything. are you looking for edress or land addresses?
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    Lik-Sang Info

    here's their contact page:
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    Lik-Sang Info is the normal addy
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    Ha ha ha ha ha
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    Anyone have this RARE game?

    Update - Game No Kandume vol2 has Phantasy Star 2 text adventures for Nei, Rudger, Kinds, & Anne. Both Gahmay No Kahndumays [Games Can] are pretty cool - two of my fave MegaCD titles. Sadly, my Japanese skills don't exist, so I've never been able to enjoy the PS2 text adventures. edit - I...