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    Need help burning, I am retarded

    Hi, I've got a quick question. I just downloaded a game, and it is .cdi extension. I tried to put it in on a search engine, but that didn't help. Can someone please tell me what program I need to use? thanks
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    Speaking of card games, is this around?

    Okay, I tried to find some mirror page, but couldn't find jack on questria. I did, however, was able to find some other games Balamb Garden- This is an online version Triple Triad Gold- sorry...
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    Speaking of card games, is this around?

    Hey There's a online version of the game. i've never played it myself, but it's supposed to incoporate both FF 8&9's rules and cards. It's called questria, and you can find more info here
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    How I park my car!

    lol, that's from shaolin soccer. I personally liked iron head in that movie. And Viki Zhao is pretty cool. :0
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    Burning Saturn ISOs with Nero

    You use a cue sheet with it. That's how I do it
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    Also, 1 billion people that doesn't have clean access of water. 2 billion whom do not have electricity. 3 billion that have never used a telephone before. And, the telephone is about 100 years old!! I don't like the kind of world I live in where people are lucky to be born with an abudance...
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    /me am moron. Actually, I think it's the top 1% owns 90% of the wealth. GRRR stimulus package. "Economic Apartheid in America" -Morey
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    I am going to die soon.

    I do not have anything constructive to say, rather some thoughts I am thinking about right now and please take no offense to my crazy views: I am saddened by this news and use the cliche of "I am sorry." "100 years as sheep or a day as a lion?" I really don't know how to respond to this...
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    Shining The Holy Ark in PDX thrift store

    ha, I actually live about a mile away from that location, I think. It's the one near near the hawthorne bridge, or is it the one on 122nd? Actually, i've got the game. LOL, maybe I'll let you borrow it or something or I can make a burn of it :p (Edited by morey at 11:18 pm on Jan. 15, 2002)
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    Happy New Year Dudes !

    Dude, That's terrible. Sober in New Years Eve? Sounds like an oxymoron :p If anyone cares, I must say I had an amazing road trip the past few days. Went to Vancouver, B.C. It took about 700 miles round trip, but well worth it. Polished off a magnum of sparkling wine. Good stuff. Now I need to...
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    converting iso' country codes

    Ah yes, Sierra Games. I think Kings Quest IV was one of my favorites, espically that one part in the dark cave where you had to run quickly.
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    Does anyone want to be a child again ?

    If you are refering that to me, may I ask as to what I have done to offend thee?
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    Does anyone want to be a child again ?

    heh some people still act like kids around here :p J/K
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    action replay plus 4mb

    I see. Thank you, Mal. This shuffling of games will be a bitch with Shining Force 3, because I can only put two games in the system at one time, and I've got about twenty saved games!
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    action replay plus 4mb

    I just bought this action replay plus 4mb cartridge. I put it in, see the cheat menu, okay. Next, I copy some saved games from the system to the cart. Next, I load a game, but the cartridge itself is not being registered by the system. I couldn't access my saved games in the AR. Next, I went to...