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    Shenmue Undub: Definitive Edition by Phantom River Stone

    "Make sure to ENABLE the subs before starting the game: Options > Dialog & Text > Select "Game Mode" With improvements on the translation as well, example" "This version also restore the real brands of the beverages from the JP version that were changed to generic ones in the US/EU version"...
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    Recent Bleemcast discoveries by Ian Michael, Multi game menu and memory card clue

    Ian Michael has been testing hundreds of games in various betas of Bleemcast and is trying to prime it for clues on how make it a fully functional Psx emu on Dreamcast. The two main discoveries is the vmu memory card detection in Tekken and a hidden menu that you can hack to put multiple games...
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    Burning Rangers prototype released by Hidden Palace / Sazpaimon

    Download:,_1997_prototype) Backstory: Notes There are no extra files on the disc (like wallpapers, etc). Load times are actually shorter in the prototype in...
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    Daytona Usa 2001 site now hosted on dreampipe
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    Irena Genesis Metal Fury, new megadrive shmup, demo released

    "Irena Genesis Metal Fury is currently under development with the SDGK and for this first White Ninja's project, our main goal is provide a new exclusive shoot'em up for the 16-bit SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive gaming system. Once the game is fully finalized, we will want to produce several physical...
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    Bokomu no Tatsujin fan translation for Dreamcast released

    "This is a quirky life sim type game by Fujicom, who also made Bomber Hehhe! The game features job mini-games and a nightmare fighting mini game where you punch the characters you meet around town. It has a very crude, amateurish art style that is nonetheless quite charming." Info and download...
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    I post pictures from the discord that I find interesting here

    (Not me, some other swede on FB XD