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    How old is SX ?

    Where in NJ were you? I have two kids now. Sonic is my daughter's favorite video game character, and she throughly enjoys sonic 2. At moment though, her favorite game is Bejeweled 2. For a five year old, she's pretty good at it (100K+ scores if we let her go long enough).
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    Street Fighter III Third Strike

    A couple of thoughts: you can't play third strike without an arcade pad and you need to dedicate many many hours to finely tuning the craft. Unless you love fighters, it's not worth it. Also, part of the fun is rocking a live opponent, not a CPU. The CPU tends to play the same way all the time.
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    How old is SX ?

    I recall a schism and several hacking attempts too. But the drama kept it interesting, did it not? (This counts as my six month check in, btw)
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    New Here

    Indeed, welcome. Can't say that there's a lot of activity now, but there's a HUGE wealth of information in the archives.
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    Rumour: House of the Dead: Overkill Sequel on the Way

    A couple, actually. You'd think there'd be more given how the Wii has become something of the 'retro throwback' machine and how many light gun games came out way back in the day.
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    Virtua Tennisâ„¢ 4

    I hope it's better than VT2k9. That was a disappointment (compared to VT3)... and I bought it at launch, too.
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    DC BBA PSO (v.2) SCHTHACK private server help please

    Very recently (as in, last week), I was thinking of trying PSO. Is this server still up and running?
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    The Forums are back

    Must've been my luck, everytime I visited for the last few weeks I got the success! page.
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    Street Fighter IV

    As far as I know, you can't take a modded 360 onto Xbox Live. The PS3 was only modded recently, and SFIV came out before that. But yeah, even I was surprised about how rampant the piracy was for SFIV on the PC. Anyway, I play on the 360. Haven't picked up SSFIV yet though, still enjoying...
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    Sega Saturn Controller To Playstation Converter

    Wow... $50? In the console wars, the 2D fighters reigned king on the Saturn, but it's tempting for PS2 games... hrm.
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    Rumour: Sonic 20th Birthday Pack Not Just Selling 16-Bit Memories

    Sonic 4 looks amazing. If they do something in that vein (updating the original Sonics), it'd be worth snapping up. But, I'm glad Sega is finally coming around. Nintendo demonstrated that 2D is still fun with NSMBW.
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    Modded Sega Saturn , not booting backups help !

    What games/backups are you having issues with? What program are you using to burn these games? Finally, are you changing the region on these games?
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    Problems with burned cd's

    Problems with burned cd's What version of Nero? Track at once or disc at once? (It should be track at once) Also, did you make sure the region is correct?
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    Sega to release Wii "Violence" triple-pack

    Sega to release Wii "Violence" triple-pack I absolutely loved Madworld, didn't much care for the Conduit (multiplayer is fun, if laggy) and haven't picked up HotD:O, but friends who have played it seem to have enjoyed it. Shame they didn't do well in sales, but those games benefited from...
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    Problems with burned cd's

    Problems with burned cd's Lots of things could happen. To better resolve this, we need to know: What game? What program did you use to burn? What settings did you use to burn? What is the layout of the game (iso, cue/bin, cue/iso/wav, cue/iso/mp3)? SegaCD games are burned slightly...