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    Saturn cinepak

    i meant to play movies on the saturn
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    Saturn cinepak

    Is there a saturn specific cinepak codec or can I use a regular cinepak to play movies?
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    Saturn help

    Can you use the SMS 3d goggles on a saturn? Thanx for the help
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    Please help

    What is the best way to play movies on a Sega Saturn?? Is there any other way besides the vcd card?
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    Is there an easy way to play DivX movies on the saturn without using a vcd card or programming anything hard??
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    Can anyone tell me how to encode a .avi file to play on my sega saturn??
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    What can I use to code it in a sega saturn format?? Can I use some other .avi player or do I have to write my own??
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    I have the cd burned to a .avi format but my saturn only says its playing audio(it's not) and none of the video I recorded comes up. can anyone help
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    I mean can I just copy a movie to cd-r and play it without any extras
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    Do u have to have a mod-board to play cd-r movies??
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    MOD Board Help

    Does anyone have any schematics or plans to solder ur own mod-board??
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    Newb needs help!!

    Can a dream cast play movies and if so what kind of file does it play?(.avi, .mov., etc.)
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    is there anyway to play movies?
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    What file types does the saturn play/read