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    What is good on Youtube?

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    Broken Thunder (Regular Edition) PC

    The youtube videos of the gameplay reminded me of thunderforce 2. The weapons and movement seem to be modelled from that series. Id play it buts it not worth what there asking imo.
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    I like how the enemies stand there and dance while you try to blow them away.
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    Finally made a working modchip

    @quakester2k There you go again dude. dibz pointed it out allready but cyber makes a joke, you go and post some d@mn LIES and link to some misinformation. Then to top it all off you start talking about dumping data in the security area that has allready been discussed to no end on this forum...
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    Finally made a working modchip

    @quakester2k Dude, dont frell this thread up like you did with the "sega cp..." over at clubcdfreaks. Dont post all that useless info. doesnt do anybody any good. and dont cross paste, just link it. kthnx :boxing: /endrant Well I made some more discoveries. It seem that I suspected right...
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    Finally made a working modchip

    Im beginning to think that its not really the TOC that is preventing a CDR from booting. I havent tried yet but I bet you could burn a disc with user data tacked on way out to the end of the disc and use a modchip and have it still boot. I made some discs like that but didnt even bother to check...
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    Finally made a working modchip

    This board was orignally meant to be the cd emulator: and theres some schematics here...
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    Finally made a working modchip

    Well I finally made a working modchip for the saturn. It has been buggin me for ever and I started the project way back a few months after hacking up a 21pin modchip in another thread and worked off and on it since then. Took a long time just to understand the protocol for commands and data...
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    Genesis signal analysis

    Isnt that from the intronix logic analyzer? How do you like that thing so far? How many seconds can you record using just those channels like in the snapshots?
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    About Pinchy's gens cart

    About Pinchy's gens cart You can trim the source up and use that xilinx webpack and try to synthesize it for whatever chip you want to use. [module view->select the chip-> properties ->select alt chip] I get a clock off the cypress usb fx2. It drives the state machine and the sdram. I did an...
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    About Pinchy's gens cart

    About Pinchy's gens cart Hey there, Forget using that 'old timey' 72 pin dram stuff, they are slow and power hungry. There just not much fun to work with. Ive got a SDRAM controller wrote that works really well. check it out here:
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    My genesis expansion cart

    Thats really neat. Would be nice if you used plain text files or html for documentation instead of DOC :)
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    Castlevania Translating

    If its anything like policenauts, then the text can be anywhere. I was suprised to see a vast majority of the text in the *.MOV files. Its uses avi format which is well documented, so you should be able to tear the file apart into its constituents and replace/add english text and reassemble...
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    PC Comm Card

    @Runik , that manual was just what I was looking for. thanks;) The speed limit seems to be the saturn afaict. the AR protocol is having it exchange a byte every time and read from the status register. The fx2 usb chip is good for a few MB/sec. You can flash it just like a regular AR card with...
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    PC Comm Card

    I get around 160KByte/sec. What was the speed of the original comms link? I wanted to run some speed test a long time ago with someone who had a real comms link but dont remember if I ever did. Im working on a HIEW clone for the AR-usb card called SIEW. Ive got basic functions like search,edit...