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    Broken PS2s, modchips, Xbox Stuff, more to come!!!

    BIOS is already written, don't remember off hand if the WE and OE pads are hooked up still, and no switches. X2 latest bios is the one on the flashed on.
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    Broken PS2s, modchips, Xbox Stuff, more to come!!!

    Also this is as low as I will go on the price, but 4 Broken Xbox Motherboards: Two broken 1.4's, 1 missing an EEPROM chip, other flashes ORANGE randomly, and rarely boots (and 2 harddrives, one of which is locked to one of the 1.4's) and 2 semi-working 1.0's, both tsopped, one does strange...
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    Broken PS2s, modchips, Xbox Stuff, more to come!!!

    Got pictures as requested: Xbox Case 1 Xbox Case 2 Modded v1.2 Xbox 1 Modded v1.2 Xbox 2 Broken Thompson Drive Three Broken Ps2's Playstation 1 System Also, the Thompson drive does not come with a DVD Bezel, however the Xbox Case comes with a DVD Bezel and Controller Ports. Great deal for $20...
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    Broken PS2s, modchips, Xbox Stuff, more to come!!!

    Come on, buy my stuff :D
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    Broken PS2s, modchips, Xbox Stuff, more to come!!!

    Hey all, got more stuff I need to clear out this week, therefore I am negotiable with prices, and would love to get rid of alot of this stuff together, save you both money in cost and shipping. Playstation Stuff: V4 - Failed mod attempt I believe, black screen, no eject light, had a duo2 se...
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    Lordofduct's clean out!

    Lordofduct's clean out! LordofDuct, i am interested in some of the parts of the other three ps2s, check your pm!
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    Sega Genesis / CD system lot for sale

    Hey folks, I just put this lot on ebay cause I wasn't sure what it was worth, nor was I really in the mood to have it sitting around here without being used, hence it will be sold off on ebay in about 4 days now. Ebay Link to Sega Genesis Lot I don't have as much time for this stuff as I used...
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    FS Capcom vs SNK 2 (DC) + More

    I have a Dreamcast that after being on for about 20 - 30 mins, the GDRom drive starts to have problems reading games, making loading times much longer. Was wondering, do you think your GDROM drive will solve the problem? Thanks!
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    FS: Modded US Saturn & Model 1 Saturn

    FS: Modded US Saturn & Model 1 Saturn Hey there. Interested in the Model 1 saturn (I am such a loser, just sold model 2, now i feel like a model 1 so that i can learn how to mod chip it). What's the best you can do shipped to Pickering, Ontario, Canada, Postal Code: l1v1x8. Appreciated!
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    Anyone offering Saturn Mod Service

    Okay, hold up. Horrible idea, do not do it. Electrical Tape is not the way to go, it should only be used as an extra layer of protection from shorting connections. IT should not be used with electronic devices to hold wires in place. Big No-no, as if the saturn moves around, or the heat of the...
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    Anyone offering Saturn Mod Service

    Hey LordofDuct. Actually, msg penpen, because I am in Canada, and it'll cost more for PenPen to send it to me then to send it to you. We talked about this, and he is trying to find a good shipping rate, but he'll save money and time going your route. Cheers
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    Unmodded 1.4 Xbox and 3 Broken Xboxes

    Hey Folks. Firstly I have an unmodded 1.4 Xbox for sale here, that has a thompson drive inside of it. Now, it was once modded with an Aladdin Advance XT, DuoX2, and lastly an X3, however it was only used to test modchips before installing them in a customer's xbox, or my own for that matter...
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    Anyone offering Saturn Mod Service

    Yep, Do you have a modchip already? If not, I would have to get one from Racketboy, and I could do it. You have a model 2 system correct? Get back to me :)
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    Looking for Modchip Installer to recommend

    Assuming I can understand exactly what needs to be done to the Modchip to make it one on model 1's, SURE, no problem with that. It's funny, i had sold my model 1 a while ago, just recently got rid of my model 2, and now i may need another model 1 if i have to mod them :)