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    Death Tank vs Death Tank Zwei?

    Death Tank Zwei feels much more polished to me. And the earthquakes make a big difference, especially when people you play with suck. If I'm not mistaken, Death Tank Zwei has a few more weapons.
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    I want to vent might be a long read

    wow that's the second post of yours in this thread I misread...
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    I want to vent might be a long read

    hey you bored me Us americans demand to be entertained
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    I want to vent might be a long read

    Rant 1: Ebay let's your bid your maximum so if someone beats your bid, but your maximum bid is higher, it'll raise your bid... Rant 2: I got bored when I read "Ben Affleck" and stopped reading the rest of your post.
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    Clonaid and the media...

    One thingy really bothers me, why does everyone keep on attacking their religion? So what if they believe God is an alien. They have just as much proof of God as any other religion does.
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    Clonaid and the media...

    Cloneaid has the facilities (labs, scientists, computers, etc) to clone, whereas you probably don't...besides it makes little sense for them to hoax this.
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    Saturn Development Consoles

    I doubt these would be of much use without the official software. Besides, for the most part we don't need any special hardware to code for the saturn, just the compiler and libraries.
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    S-Video and the Saturn

    I just got a Geforce 4 MX 420. I don't know crap about video cards so please don't flame me for sounding like a dumbass. This card comes with an S-video port, would it be possible to hook my saturn up to this port, and then play my saturn on my monitor, or in windows? Thanks.
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    I got to say that Asian girls are HOT!

    Stupid comment #2: Which one's Cecilia?
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    I got to say that Asian girls are HOT!

    Beggars can't be choosers
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    Any seniors in high school here?

    MTXBlau: If you don't mind my asking, what school do you go to?
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    Video Gaming And Projectors

    Yeah in my school the Anime club does the same thing. We have this auditorium like room with a projector.
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    Video Gaming And Projectors

    Has anyone else played their saturn on a projector? Projectors are the way games were meant to be played. My new goal in life is to buy a projector, two light guns, and play HOTD in my basement....would that work? I have no idea how light guns work, and I'm wondering, cuz you can change the...
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    stupid thing i discussed today

    I used to get angry for no reason before. When I switched to boxers that stopped
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    Sound not working on a DivX clip...

    Thanks everyone, the Nimo Codec did the trick.