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    Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire

    Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire Thanks a lot. It's really hard to find music files from Pokemon games around the net. Good luck on your future soundtrack requests.
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    Soundtrack Request Thread

    Thank you!
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    Adding nintendo cosplay girls !!!

    Those are some nice photos, but I ain't a huge cosplay fan.
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    Jack Thompson runs his mouth... again

    Jack Thompson is one of the reasons why video games are getting critizism these days. The video game can not change one's mind if he/she sees violence in the game. Thompson isn't a gamer of course, so he's just judging on what he thinks is right.
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    Soundtrack Request Thread

    Pokemon Ruby and Saphire (or Emerald)
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    Super Mario Bros. (And a little more! ;D) OST

    Actually, I forgot to update. I don't need help anymore. I downloaded a program that changed the files I desired. So I got what I needed.
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    Super Mario Bros. (And a little more! ;D) OST

    Now, I have a question. After I downloaded the soundtrack, I noticed that the MP3's have Stereo on it. However, I was dissapointed when I heard the NES game music (SMB, SMB 3) because I was so used to listening to those songs in Mono. And hearing the melody on the right side and the harmony on...
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    Super Mario Bros. (And a little more! ;D) OST

    ...YES!!! Thanks so much! You're a good person.
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    A big, hearty thank you!

    I'd also like that thank the staff members here for offering these soundtracks, but more importantly, the composers of these songs. They are truely gifed musicians that deserve some actual respect from the public.
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    Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door OST for Gamecube

    I downloaded it and it was great. Thanks for making high quallity rips. (If only Nintendo made a soundtrack like they did with the first Paper Mario)
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    The Best N64 games

    1. Paper Mario 2. Perfect Dark 3. Super Mario 64 4. Super Smash Bros.
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    Soundtrack Request Thread

    How about Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES of course :wink: ) That'd be nice.