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    C4 - 2008 discussion

    Hello guys, I'm really sorry for the long delay. I must admid that I've been lazy in the last months and it's tricky to get started, again. There will be prizes, of course. I like every contestant to please send me his paypal address for prize transfer. Contestants from europe should prefer...
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    Saturnorbit dev - homebrew. Hi Resolution question.

    You've said you are working with backgrounds. There is no problem when you just use double interlace. These here should work without bigger problems: slInitSystem(TV_320x448, NULL, 1); slInitSystem(TV_352x448, NULL, 1); slInitSystem(TV_320x480, NULL, 1); slInitSystem(TV_352x480, NULL, 1)...
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    Dumping MPEG Card Bios

    There was a tool published for doing this in a CDC replacement topic here at SX. Try googling for
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    RAW - Another World for Sega Saturn.

    Great news, thanks for this release, hkzlab :clap:! Now let's see where to get the game files from, I can't wait to play it on Saturn, myself.
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    C4 - 2008 discussion

    Yes, same for me. I do have 3 ratings at the moment, that's not enough, I need 5-6 ratings. Two judges have informed me that they will finish their ratings until early next week. I thought 8 judges would be enough to get 5 ratings, so I didn't take a 9th judge in the boat, at first. But that was...
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    C4 - 2008 discussion

    The judging proceedure is actually over since today. I have received 2 ratings of 8 judges. I understand that, there are really a lot of entries this year, this takes some time to test them all intensively. I have written a reminder to all 6 remaining judges. Hopefully I will get enough...
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    C4 - 2008 discussion

    Yes. There are eight judges currently judging all twelve :rock: entries. I expect that the judges will finish their rating sunday 13th september. Some days ago, I've received the first rating, it's very well done! I'm currently recording videos of the entries and I find myself playing longer...
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    Video mod, the easy way?

    I see this for the first time. Cool stuff!
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    Saturn boot cartridge (for Police Officer Smith)

    First, I wasn't sure about that point, too. But with a closer look to the PAR carts, this pin is connected to A0 of both EEPROM chips. So as the A-Bus is a 16-bit bus, it is addressed in words, not bytes. The naming is kind of misleading, since the A-BUS is accessed by the SCU, not the CPU. The...
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    Saturn boot cartridge (for Police Officer Smith)

    This could be done using an SD-card. In addition to the EPROM, I would place a µ-controller on the pcb, interfacing to an sd-card (there are multiple example schematics available on the internet). The µC would need to be mapped to the upper address region (almost 32 MByte left) using the long...
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    My new project is up!

    Okay, what's with the project? Is that one to be closed soon? Is there a reason why the project moved? I just checked out both repositories, just to be sure .
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    Pro Action Replay and Keyboard Adapter problems.

    What might help would be flashing the PAR with a custom built Action Replay firmware replacement. I got one laying around here, that I wrote for the USB DataLink device (to support compressed transfers). You could put it on a "Save Game Manager" CD and update the PAR with the replacement...
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    Saturn boot cartridge (for Police Officer Smith)

    Hello gameofyou1, nice to see you again. You're right. The price varies much from company to company, the last shop I've visited would take about 5 Euros for a small series of pcbs. I will do the layout of the small pcb version with a standard tool like Eagle, such that I got the option to sent...
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    C4 - 2008 discussion

    The Porting Party has been the most successful SEGA Saturn coding contest, there are 50% :rock: more entries than in the years before! Now I'm looking for people who like to evaluate the entries intensively and finally give them a rating. The entries cover a broad range of game types...
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    Saturn boot cartridge (for Police Officer Smith)

    At the moment, it's not that generic. To put a game on it, I take a standard Saturn executable of up to 60kB size and append it to a ripped and hex-edited IP.BIN. Then I use a self written tool to reorder the bits and split it up into two binariy streams, one for each of the eproms. With an...