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    Jo Engine: JO_480p Makefile Option

    I tried that before and it simply won't sync as the TV only expects 480i signal in the SCART input. However, this may be different from TV to TV. If I wire up VGA output on the Saturn using the hsync and vsync pins from the vdp2, then it will work in anything with a VGA input (tv, lcd monitor...
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    Looking for a genesis

    Sounds like a bad deal.
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    Save Game Metadata Questions

    I don't remember the exact format but looking at the files it seems I saved the original filename and comment *inside* the file too, so the filename on my PC would be irrelevant. This may be of interest to you: It has a sector map viewer, and under...
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    Save Game Metadata Questions

    I've dumped my save game of PD Zwei before, not with your app but by dumping a backup memory cart and writing a parser, and then using a custom version of Madroms/Rockin-B Save Game Manager to upload it back on the Saturn side. It worked fine. Do you save all metadata properly in your saves? My...
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    Save Game Extractor: Backup Saves Via Audio

    I've been asking him for ages about CDB dumping, and all he said is that it's all open source, someone can write it... For WORK RAM, it's obviously for uploading only since downloading makes no sense. I'm not sure if uploading is the correct terminology there, what I meant is for the ability to...
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    Save Game Extractor: Backup Saves Via Audio

    I'd recommend two menu options, "download from memory" and "upload to memory", where you can then select from a list of memory locations corresponding to some more important presets; such as memory cart, entire cart port, boot rom, WORK RAM LOW, WORK RAM HIGH (to load game binaries - not sure if...
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    Save Game Extractor: Backup Saves Via Audio

    Unrelated to this, but that savegame manager you released for the Satiator, can you add support for downloading/uploading entire parts of memory, perhaps with some pre-set values? I'd like to use it to download the entire save cart in one go, and then restore it from another file. This could be...
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    Saturn CD Block ROM dumped again.

    Worth noting that on a machine that uses CDB106 and a 20pin drive (CDB106 normally always uses 21pin drives), pin 87 of the SH1 is jumpered to +5V instead of ground. The documents list this pin as the least significant bit of the Port C data register. Anyone bothered to look into what the CDB...
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    Need Some Help with Ripping SEGA SATURN Sounds effects (SE) and is it possible to do?

    They use SEQ/TON files for music sequence (ie. scsp command list) and PCM (tone) data. However the SCSP uses a lot of other stuff like frequency modulation and LFO on certain effects, so you can't exactly just rip out the sound effects from the game files. Your best bet is to just record them...
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    Sega Doubling Down on PC Efforts After Finding Success on Steam

    VF5 and Orta on Steam, that would be the day...
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    Translating Fire Pro Wrestling S : 6Men Scramble

    Could you not change the string pointers so you can afford for longer texts?
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    [Saturn] Tamagotchi Park - save game restore/dump?

    If anyone can point me to a sealed copy for a decent price, I'll try buying and dumping the cart.
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    Well, I finally killed the drive on my Saturn!

    Like I said, the disc does not spin because the pickup can't even see that it has a disc in front of it, let alone read the pits on it. Setting the right tray height and calibrating the laser pot may overcome these problems, I'd do that before buying a whole new machine.
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    Possible permanent (?) fix for loosy cartridges detection

    I'd like to see someone making some photos of the pins being actually deformed or damaged from those third party carts. Even the ones with slightly thicker PCBs or ones with non bevelled edges (the AR is neither of those iirc). Out of all my Saturns, only one had a permanently broken cart slot...
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    Well, I finally killed the drive on my Saturn!

    The pickup will not move or focus if it can't see the disc properly, which can happen for a number of reasons other than the pickup being dead. The most obvious is of course that you need to tweak the pot, but the tray height also plays a big part. If the tray is too high or too low, the pickup...