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    cover art
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    Video CD card FMV

    And Lunar Silver Star Story Complete. That's all...
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    sega saturn release lists

    On gamefaqs, you'll find japanese, us, and european games lists.
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    Sonic Extreme Demo Sold!

    Ingame pic, seem to be directly ripped from Christmas Nights, there's a present in it which let you play with Sonic.... I think it's just a fake...
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    SatHeader v0.5 is out

    Version 0.5 was buggy, doesn't work correctly with MODE1/2352 ISO (created with CDRWin for example...) it's now fixed with 0.51 update. Plus, I've add a new function to export all info to a text file. All my apologizes...
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    SatHeader v0.5 is out

    I've made some test, it seem this version of satheader have some problems with iso created wih CDRWin (BIN files)... sorry for that, I will repair that as soon as possible.
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    SatHeader v0.5 is out

    ??? version number is always at the same place...
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    SatHeader v0.5 is out

    SatHeader v0.5 is now available to download, here is what's new: - Support multi region patching, number of area you can patch is indicated. - SatHeader scan your file to search patching area. - Some minors corrections.
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    I make a Saturn Region Converter & Cuemaker

    I make a Saturn Region Converter & Cuemaker Try to burn an iso converted with your tool, and you'll see that it doesn't work... Change a letter isn't enough, go to offset 3588, some data here also need to be change...
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    I make a Saturn Region Converter & Cuemaker

    I make a Saturn Region Converter & Cuemaker Your program doesn't work properly, change region letter isn't enough to correctly patch a segasaturn ISO....
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    SatHeader v0.4

    >>>[/b]] here is what's new in this release:You can now create a CUE file to easily burn your ISO+MP3 and ISO+WAV image files. A peripherals list for each game is now available. (Thanks to Madroms). Quicklaunch Menu now...
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    New saturn guide on GameFAQs

    For information an original coverscan will be on SegaSaturn Covers soon...
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    Vampire Savior 4 MB Problem

    Is your cartridge workin' with others 4MEG games?
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    Dreamcast Cover Scans

    Grab Ikaruga covers here:
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    Saturn and DVD2SVCD

    SVCD use MPEG-2 encoding, Saturn VCD card only read MPEG-1... It can read only regular VCD, not SVCD.