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    The Return of Ghostbusters

    I heard that this movie might be computer animated, which I hope it isn't.
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    my genesis collection *pics* :: not 56k friendly

    That is an awesome collection you have there.
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    Segaxtreme will soon be closing [Updated]

    I don't have a credit card either. If I could do a money order I would do that though.
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    Segaxtreme will soon be closing [Updated]

    I'm glad to see people putting up money to keep this site, or at least the forums, alive. I have been a lurker here for a few years now and this site has been a wealth of knowledge to me. I would hate to see it go and I am glad that other members are doing something about it to keep it alive. If...
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    Segaxtreme will soon be closing [Updated]

    It's sad to see SX go. I too have been a lurker here for a while. There is such a wealth of knowledge here and it would be really sad to see it all go. I hope that somone can step up and take it over. What are the costs per month to run SX anyway?
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    I guess you could consider me to be a lurker.
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    Games that support two light phasors

    I don't know about the SMS, but I can think of one game off the top of my head that uses two light guns simoltaneously for the NES. It's called Chiller.
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    Found an X-Band Modem!

    Just a thought but couldn't you possibly direct dial to someone else with the xband modem, just like you can with the Sega Saturn Netlink?
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    Zelda–Link’s Awakening,Sheer Awesomeness! *Spoiler

    This is a great game. Definately one of my favorite gameboy games if not my favorite. Everyone should check this game out.
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    Longest Load Time EVER!

    All I have to say is...WOW! That's pretty rediculous.
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    Genesis/MegaDrive Mini Hack & other awesome custom

    Genesis/MegaDrive Mini Hack & other awesome custom Ya I've been to that guys site before and looked at some of the portables he's made. He even gives step by step instructions on how he does it. Hella cool if you ask me.
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    sega saturns (model 2s 32 pin)

    Damn, that was fast.
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    sega saturns (model 2s 32 pin)

    So you accept paypal only? You wouldnt accept money orders?
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    Hell ya! Super Bowl! Can't wait for the game. The rest of you probably don't care about the Seahawks though, but thats cool. HAWKS HAWKS HAWKS!
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    Saturn online

    Yep it works. But like everyone else has said it is very slow. Even some simple picture formats don't work while surfing the net. It's still kinda cool just to do for the hell of it every now and then.