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    Sega CDX question?

    I got a Sega CDX yesterday and I've been up all night searching for the answer to a question.. but haven't found it.. so I thought I'd ask here. Anyways.. everything on the CDX works fine but I'll be d*mned if I can't find out how; or where to access the internal memory manager screen. (You...
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    Sega CD translations

    Guys.. sorry to burst your bubble.. but you're making this sound WAY to easy; and belive me.. it's not. There are people who devote untold hours to translating and converting games. Sometimes a single project takes years. If you want to talk to some of the experts on this, go here...
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    Phantasy Star IV

    Awww man?! Don't even get me started on this.. One of the first video games I ever rented! The first RPG I ever played! Rented the damn thing for weeks until I beat it (Could've bought it for how much I paid.). Absolutely.. positively.. has been, and always will be; my favorite game of ALL...
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    What are you doing~!!??

    Taking the day off from work. Ahh.. "PTO".. gotta' love it. Thinking of playing some games later on. Since I finished all the yard work yesterday and fixed my brother's PC.
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    Who has the best Avatar?

    <rifles through archives>.. Don't know if it works in XP.. probably not.. but hilarious. Very old.
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    Who has the best Avatar?

    ..good.. then it's gotta' be something in my settings. Fr*ckin" XP. Thanks.. I tried capturing it from the site the other day and posting it somewhere else and I noticed that was static.. very strange.
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    Who has the best Avatar?

    schi.. I don't remember where I found it; but I nabbed it off the internet years ago. Hmmm.. I just noticed! My avatar USED to be an "animated" gif; but I don't see it animated anymore (i.e. the lightning flashing.. dude waving the knife). Anybody else see ANY gifs animating on this forum? I...
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    Who has the best Avatar?

    Des.. most DEFINITELY Des.. But only because I like that whole Darrel Hanna "Bladerunner"; "Omikron".. dancer.. thing. Uhm.. I should shut up now. ;) <digressing> ..digressing.. :huh: :huh BTW.. Anybody ever play Omikron on the DC? I thought it was fun on PC. :blush:
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    Apology to aaron

    ...HUHHH??!!.. First off.. I don't know you.. so please don't speak or conject for me. Second.. I only corresponded with MM a couple of times when he asked me for some info on aaron.. and I couldn't oblige him because I'd already discarded his mailing addy. Thirdly.. I recieved a PM from aaron...
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    "i am back now, i'm sending them out tomorrow,you'll get your game by the beginning of next week at the latest." ..well aaron.. it's Thursday of the week after.. and STILL NO GAME! I don't understand why it's so difficult to send off an item I ALREADY paid you $45 for over 6 weeks ago. All it...
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    Well.. he SHOULD be home by now.. so we'll see. I'd expect it soon. "Actually.. I DID send out the money order yesterday.. priority mail; so just send FF III when you get it." .. this is a quote from me in my second to the last PM I sent you aaron; and you acknowledged it by replying to me...
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    Was it out of the thread linked above? Or some time ago.. just curious. I know he was editing that thread and removing items as he sold them.. I'd just like to hear from someone who bought from him most recently (I can't be the only one.). Don't get me wrong.. I'm not accusing him of scamming...
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    The Backup Ram Cart

    20 years from now you'll open it up and it'll be empty. Factory sealed my &$*! Lousy ebay![/b] Nah.. I'm pretty sure it's legit. Notice I didn't say it was "shrink-wrapped". Both ends of the box are sealed with clear adhesive stickers with the Sega logo embossed on them (As I recall. It's in...
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    The Backup Ram Cart

    Hmmm.. just a thought.. But I wonder if it would be possible to make a "utility" written to a CD that would "compress" game save files much like the "Game Guru" CD did for the 3DO.. thereby making "more space" in the internal memory? Me.. I actually have a still sealed; in-the-box Sega CD...
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    A Translation Guide for Policenauts?

    ...?!!! .. translation headquarters.