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    Burning problem

    Ok a while ago I ripped some cds in bin cue from CDRWIN. I decided to burn one back to a disk and I got a bad burn. Well everything thinks its a music cd. I loaded up the CUE and then the BIN just like I had done for countless iso/wavs. I think I did leave burn in raw mode unchecked. Can anyone...
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    There's No 32X Forum, So I'll Ask Here.

    hmm I thought a 32X file was the same as a bin file, not a smd file, which is why you convert tem and don't just rename the smd to 32X. Anyway I've played the game to the end. It freezes around the credits though, but otherwise is almost bugless even in bonus levels. There's one or two little...
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    Sega CD emu

    Why would this question even need to be asked? Since the Sega CD would have a Genesis with a cart slot for games. Its like saying I need a Dreamcast emulator for my dreamcast.
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    why so little burned?

    The thing is once you write the game have all the music done, why should you go back and add more to fill up the cd? Theres really no reason too. Keep in mind the most common thing with carts would be taking things out of a game to fit it on the cart. I can name a couple of RPGs that had this...
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    why so little burned?

    Well the price of CD's make it ok not to use the whole thing. I mean if you finish a game in 400MB, why add extra? Remember they were coming from those little carts=) Anyway, even the carts were not used to the max every time. For instance a 32 Mbit cart, might only be 31 Mbit of actual program...
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    Im buying a used Saturn

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    Im buying a used Saturn

    I know with the 32X the cable things are often missing. Im just wondering whether there is anything I should watch out for when buying a used Saturn. As far as I can tell it was probably just someone who didn't appreciate the system enough so they sold it.
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    Virtual Boy - What are the must-have games?

    Virtual Boy and Must have game belong in different worlds=) (Edited by SdshwCecil at 5:39 pm on Oct. 4, 2001)
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    Correct burning of a raw

    Ok I burned raw/wav/cue. The game works fine in emulators as well as the real thing (Sega CD). However I think I did it wrong. I used CDRWIN and my CUE started like this. FILE "track01.raw" BINARY TRACK 01 MODE1/2048 INDEX 01 00:00:00 POSTGAP 00:02:00 FILE "02.wav" Wave I...
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    Cue question

    Oh where can you get that, or is that what its called (I can just use a search engine)? Anyway I figure I should learn how to make CUEs myself first.
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    Cue question

    Hmm Ok. I was just wondering wether it was safe to assume all games I would be burning for a various system would have the same pregap.
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    Cue question

    Alright I understand how to make a CUE file thanks to the great sheet on this site. However, I don't understand what value the Pregap should be set too. The tutorial here has it set to 2:00. I CUE I got off the internet to help me before I found the info here had the Pregap set to 3:00. My...