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    Fixing a defective AR4M+

    I have the same problem. No games reconize my AR4in1 as a save cartrige. I can take saves from the system ram and put them on my 4in1 but when I play that certain game, it does not reconize that the cart is even there. So what good is this extra if no games reconize it
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    Pfft Xmen 2 defently wins in this battle, by far to. The first game was so dark looking with horrible music and sound effects, then 2 came along and man that game owned, 2 has my vote
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    Evangelion 1 and 2

    well I put the burned eva game in, then swap with an original game, then put burned eva game in, when the game should boot up, the acess light just flashes acouple of times and sends me to the bios this game is unsuitable blah blah blah. I am doing the swap right because I have been doing this...
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    Evangelion 1 and 2

    no, its a model 1 doing the swap trick, this is the first game I have had in my two years doing this, so its very odd
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    Evangelion 1 and 2

    Yes I also tried with Raw off, still no luck. Maybe I have to change some other settings I am just not sure what?
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    Evangelion 1 and 2

    well if I use clone cd, I get the tipical, this disc is not suitable for this machine or whatever, meaning the country didn't patch like it said it did. If I use cdrwin and make a bin/cue when I go to burn again the file is rejected, saying it cann't burn at dao, thou I know it can cus...
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    Evangelion 1 and 2

    Well I know now that I been doing the swap for years now, but this game refuses to burn its really werid, I mean I got my LUNAR SSS at the same time as the eva games and lunar worked great.
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    Evangelion 1 and 2

    yeah tried all that, is it possible that the games could be copy protected?
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    Evangelion 1 and 2

    I recently purchased evangelion one and two for saturn. Since I have no st-key or action replay, I rip my import games and patch them with the country converter. heres the problem though when I make a bin/cue and patch it, cdrwin, nero and blindwrite all reject the cue sheet, the games structure...
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    Dracula X and Magic enigine

    I downloaded Dracula X and I am using the full versions of magic engine and when I get to the part where I resuce Maria there is no voices and there should be seeing how in the movie sceen they are moving there mouths but all hear is nothing. Now I though the problem was in the iso/mp3 version I...
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    Sega cd HELP!!!!!!

    I have a model 1 and sega cd and we had this thing for a fucking long time like since it first came out. and my bro took the sheild off and I don't think he put it back on properly. Does anyone know where I can find a pictue that will show where the small pieace fits like where in the vent does...
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    Dragon's Liar

    I being one of the people who uploaded that game I will explain things for you, in this game every singal thing is done by timeing so you can only do a currtin thing at a certin time. I have actually beaten this game the begiaing is very hard but gets alot harder, the controlls for the game are...