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    Sega Gen/CD AV ?

    Go to your local swap meat/Flea market & get a multi-sync monitor like a NEC 3D and solder the correct wire from there you'll get the ultimate picture. RGB way better that SVHS on any model Genny
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    White SS Desk unit collection price?

    To Cecilia Chen : How could you be so certain you have 98% of the games for the Saturn? I used have 3 locations in Hong Kong: A) Sham Shui Po b) Mong Kok c) Causeway Bay that had Original Games as well as Silver discs. I Don't think I That I've missed a game that was released. Friends from...
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    White SS Desk unit collection price?

    Oh quite late though. I do have a complete system but in Black, er I know very common. But I have the following components: Black Saturn Oval Buttons Modded Net Link Modem 28.8 Net Link Mouse Net Link Keyboard adaptor Sega Logo PS2 Keyboard from my TerraDrive(386) 2 Multi-Taps & 12 Pads...