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    DC cooling methods.

    screw the advantages of overclocking ur DC for emu purposes... would make it more l33t, just like my blue LED makes it l33t ;)
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    How many saturns were actually sold?

    *cough* the bouncer *cough*
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    Saturn 3D controller

    does it work? DOES IT WORK? i would do ANYTHING to get my hands on that knockoff (if it works, of course!)... as long as it doesnt involve goats or duct tape ;)
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    Saturn feature in GameSpot

    Found this while looking @ gamespot... havent read it yet, but should prove interesting :)
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    How many saturns were actually sold?

    i would strongly doubt ur decision to put xbox last on that list... afaik no other console is having SegaGT 2002, Panzer Dragoon 4/X, Jet Set Radio Future, Shenmue 2 or TJ&E (not 100% on the last one) coming to it... its all a matter of opinion though... but of course, everyones opinion is...
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    Does anyone want to be a child again ?

    hehe that page is funny :) especially the Bankstown TAFE exam :)
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    Emulators and ROMs on CD-Rs

    hehe... is that the 10,000 tentacle-penis pr0n? lol btw arak, i think *maybe* what cloud was getting at, was the fact that the majority of the data was stored on the outer ring of a normal GD-ROM, and that with a CDR, the motor that tracks the laser back and forth would be on the inner ring...
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    WINDOWS upgrade form 98se to???

    stick wit 98se, i use it @ home, and u know what they say... if it aint broke........
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    Sega Ages USA (outrun) problem with modchip?

    u say it wont work... symptoms? ie, crashes back to specific screen, hangs, etc.
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    Good 4 player games

    ok all the above games i just mentioned... but emu'd on the DC ;) does that count? lol edit: oh, and dc bomberman would have to be on the list too, wouldnt it? (Edited by Shaneus at 1:56 pm on Dec. 9, 2001)
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    Good 4 player games

    are we talking about just on DC? good 'other' 2 player games: Pang Bubble Bobble BOMBERMAN!!!!! (Best 4 player ever!) Micro Machines 1/2 (close second)
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    Please, help the fucking retard ....

    just read my posts and thank thank the lord u dont have a sense of humour like mine ;) incessant posting will stop... now maybe ;)
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    Please, help the fucking retard ....

    hooray to excyber! one of the first ppl to realise wtf i am on about!!! :) I suppose u could liken l33tsp34k to talking like a homeboy... if not, i smack u upside yo' head, biatch ;) lmao@mal (Edited by Shaneus at 9:34 am on Dec. 8, 2001)
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    Boom Saturn Booster Pack 4M plus

    btw with my ar4m, doesnt seem to wanna save from the saturn mem to the carts mem... just freezes on 'saving to cartridge'... dont like it :( but the ram features work, and thats all i got it for :)
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    Please, help the fucking retard ....

    k-rad means rad the k was added in days of yore (MANY years ago, when amiga demoz were cool), heres the meaning from the Hackers dictionary: k- /pref./ Extremely. Not commonly used among hackers, but quite common among crackers and warez d00dz in compounds such as `k-kool' /K'kool'/...